Keep a happy thought in the MMP!

It’s winter, the weather is less than ideal, the plague continues, blah blah blah… I know we’ve done this before, but let’s give it a shot. Make your first MMP post this week something positive, happy, light, inspiring, whatever! Then feel free to resume normal life. :rofl:

Today’s happy: my daughter has invited all of us over to her new place for supper. She’s excited to show off her first home to her grandparents - she was even planning to make a cake from scratch (dunno if she changed her mind since Saturday, but the thought was there.) So huzzah and hip hip hooray for family time!!

And Happy Moanday!

My first post ever in the MMP!

I’m getting a haircut today, the first one since May of last year. I’m so sick of looking like a sheepdog.

Welcome to our playground!

I get my second COVID shot on Sat, and after the requisite 2-week wait, I intend to have my hair tamed also! My last cut was May 12 - my husband was having spinal surgery and I was waiting at my mom’s house, and she cut my hair for me.

Good mawnin’ all. 6 degrees F and blowing snow here in Texas. Staying warm and so far no problems with the house or pipes or heater, etc. News alerts say to expect rolling blackouts due to record electricity demands. Got lots of wood cut and split, and will have a roaring fire after I get a few cups of coffee in me. Looking forward to Friday, which is the first day we’re forecast to be above freezing.

Today’s happy? My daughter just got accepted into her first choice college for PhD. Full ride, housing allowance, stipend, the works. We are quite giddy over this event!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN I was a slugabed until seven a.m.! :astonished: ‘Tis 46 Amurrkin out and foggy with a predicted high of 65 and yet more rain for the day. We have had a lot of rain over the past five days. Cleanin’ lady will be here around ten to do her thing. Does the fact that we have someone to come every two weeks and clean count as a happy? It makes OYKW and me happy. Sup shall be leftover corned beef 'n cabbage, N.O.T., and carrots.

Today is cheap chawklit day, so that’s a happy. It is too! I need to go pick up a 'script from the pharmacy, so I might scope out some whilst out and about. Why not, right?

Pulley excellent happy re your daughter! I would imagine much giddiness has ensued.

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, since I am to be about the public, I suppose, bother of bothers, I should purtify and don appropriate bein’ about the public attire. Le Sigh.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

So much for happy thoughts - another fraudulent charge showed up on the credit card that I’d canceled - it went thru the day after I’d canceled the card. So I’m on hold with VISA trying to get it straightened out. Plus they reversed a charge for $3.56 from the dollar store that was legit. Somebody somewhere screwed up something.

On the plus side, the agent said our new card is being mailed out today, so there’s that.

Good mornin’, all! Up and atom for the week. It’s a whole 20 degrees outside and they’re calling for 8-12 inches of the white stuff over the next 2 days.

Good news for me, I’m going to complete a piece that is already sold today. And deliver one, too.

Stay safe everyone.

In the bad news department, the weather continues to suck and along with that, my attitude. It’s been cold (think below 0F) for 2 weeks and when it warms up to somewhere above zero, it snows. Right now it’s negative 1 with snow flurries.

The good news is my cataract surgeries were successful and I only need readers for very close I work. I can be on the computer glass less. I can see my horse in the pasture. I need readers for teeny tiny print.

I’m not allowed. Can’t think of anything cheery. Except I cherish all my Mumper friends. The day will be surviving -40wind chill and working in my basement heat cabling and insulating all my frozenish water pipes. After work ceases I’ll
be back and report in.

My positive is my son’s best friend for most of his 34 years is coming over to pitch in and help me~Eli, dear lad, is helping his friend’s mom because Thomas cant be here. That’s amazing. He’s one of the best conversationists I know so freezing in the basement , handing him tools, will be more fun than it sounds.

Back later. Miles of heat cable to go before I sleep.

Mine too! (I think)

Wow, 10 degrees here in Michigan. Can’t believe we’re warmer than Texas (you posted a couple hours ago, so maybe we’re about the same now).

Anyway, fighting cabin fever X 1000 with the cold cold winter AND the pandemic by having fires in our fireplace, playing board games (wife is on a Scrabble run, beating me 3 or 4 times in a row, to her glee) and making and eating good meals. Had a nice romantic VD at home yesterday with my wife. We and our two sons are staying healthy, and my job seems to be stable (in one month it’ll be a full year of working at home, crazy).

I’ve been in Dallas since Fri for training. Had no issues w snow until this AM. My hotel building was fine, but the main building w breakfast in it was fully blacked out. No food for you. Van to airport looked iffy, so checked uber. No cars on the roads. Fortunately van worked out, net of taking 5 running starts at cresting an iced-up highway overpass. Got to DFW. Crew normally bypass security but are subject to randomly being tapped for the full passenger process. Yup I lost. 10 minutes later I’m on the safe side of the mighty TSA cordon. Now to find food. Hah, foolish person! Of course everywhere is closed because the workers no-showed. The skylink train is out of service so I walk from D15 to A34. Still no food places open.

Get to gate w time to spare. 777 so needs 2 pilots and 8 FAs. Almost 2 hours later we still have 2 and only 7. So no boarding for us.

Now for the happy part.

Had an excellent training weekend, met w several old friends, finally got food in me while awaiting boarding. I’m now down to just 2 more refresher events before retirement. The end approacheth.

And best of all, I’m going home to Miami where it’s warm & sunny & family awaits.


Happy Monday, all! It’s a blistering -1 this morning and starting to snow again. Apparently we’re supposed to get around 9 inches. Kids are delighted - we usually only see this amount of snow around once a season if at all. It never ceases to amaze me that they’ll play outside in this cold anyway. I usually make them come in every 20 minutes to defrost. Hot chocolate will doubtless ensue.

I was driving home last night after dropping my mom off thinking how lucky we are to have heat and running (also hot) water and plentiful food. Back when I was young and interesting and lived in Chile, I spent some time in the mountains up north. Some months I would have to choose between gas for hot water and propane for my space header. Gas for the water heater always won out, which meant I’d huddle under the covers at night along with every item of clothing I owned (that I wasn’t wearing) plus all my towels thrown on top of me. Now all I need is a solid pair of slippers, a thermal shirt and a blanket and it’s absolutely wonderful.

Afternoon, mumpers! My happy thought must therefore be weather-related, seeing you all posting about snow and frozen bits. The weather app says “People gripe when it’s hot. People gripe when it’s cold. What-the-fuck-ever” and promises me 11C/52F and a partly cloudy day. That explains why it’s lovely and sunny out there!

My other happy thought is that I went to the eye hospital this morning for the follow-up appointment to replace the one they cancelled (and forgot to tell me) last month. I was there bang on time for my 9am appointment, and I was out 20 minutes later after a vision test and a few minutes with the eye doc. Turns out my poorly eye is fine, I have some lovely scarring that appears not to affect me at all.

Thinking warm thoughts at you all!

I think I have the least bad crappy weather in the country.



And Shetland ponies. Glad it worked.

It’s your lucky day! :wink:


Welcome aboard!

Glad the poorly eye isn’t, Boofae.

The temperature is below zero and falling. My happy thought: A few days ago I drove past a church that is being remodeled. The outside walls of the new section are just covered with plastic sheeting. All of the trucks from my former department were in the lot, so obviously the company is doing the fire alarm and sprinkler work. Plastic sheeting is a very poor insulator and I bet my guys are freezing in there today. It is a good day to be retired

Happy Monday!

We have the day off. The afternoon is a present from the company, based on it being the Monday before Ash Wednesday (Güdismontag). We still have the ½ day from the company, without the festivities, so we took the morning off as well.

It’s above freezing. It was rather chilly and icy, so I’m happy to see that stuff go.

We met with somebody about getting our patio glassed in (winter garden / 3 season room / conservatory). He said they could probably do it in May, and we already have an idea how much it will cost, and it will be a lot less than I thought.

And we have 3 or 4 more vacation days to use before the end of March. Might not have to work a few more Mondays. :grin:

The wine-braised short ribs turned out well last night. Getting up and immediately starting the prep, letting it cook all day, then taking out the mushrooms and beef and straining the liquid and thickening it for gravy was a lot of work though; not to mention having to wash the slow cooker crock. The deadcow was good, but I think it might be too much trouble to make again.

The mashed cauliflower was ‘OK’. Last time I made it, I steamed it. It was too runny. This time I roasted it. It was too chunky. It tasted good (hey, it’s cauliflower) but otherwise disappointing.

I started out for the chiropractor at 8 this morning but turned around because the roads were so crappy. Stopped at the store for a few things. Guess what? No cheep chawklit VDay leftovers. I’m sure they candy was returned to the manufacturer at 7 am. So I bought cookies instead. The weather has broken me. I’m seriously thinking of moving.

That’ll do, BBBoo; that’ll do…

Good morning. On the good news front it is still above freezing so the rain is still rain, so I can go forth and get my Jersey Mike’s sammich, which should be free as I have enough points, so that is good news. And I happened to wander by the local community message boards and there was a thread about gutter replacement, something I had been thinking about, so have several recommendations for contractors to call. So pretty good for the first hour awake (yes, I was in bed until 8:30am, another good thing…)

Glad you asked today, the temperature is due to get below freezing this afternoon and be near 15F tomorrow, so I’ll probably be less happy then.

Welcome to all the new posters! Hope some of you like our company well enough to stick around awhile. As for MMP names (if they come back), teelabrown is lucky, (anyone who read Ringworld before knows it’s the only choice, solost as The One", and since we already have a flyboy, LSLGuy should be pilot or ace. IMHO as always, YMMV.

OK, that’s enough brainwork for now. Need to make myself presentable and get my sammich and some bananas from Publix before the freeze sets in. All y’all take care.

The lady in front of me in line at the bagel place paid for my breakfast a few minutes ago. That was nice!

The cashier told me she’d said that she (the other lady) cut me off in the drive thru and felt bad. My response was :face_with_raised_eyebrow: as I hadn’t noticed, but hey, who am I to argue?

Otherwise, I survived - barely - yet another Valentines Day without my Other Shoe and am only slowly recovering a bit.

So that’s all the nice stuff I have to share for now. I’ll be back when I have something more cheerful to say.