The Spring into Spring MMP

Not only is it Monday somewhere as I write this, it’s Monday just about everywhere except in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, and Hawai’i and Alaska. No one answered my question about who was supposed to lead off this week, so I figured I’d do it, so all y’all have something to read over breakfast.

Okay, so the Northeast US is definitely ready for Spring. How about the rest of youse guys?
Spring is tied with Autumn for my favorite season, although Autumn wins out because Libra. But Spring always smells so fresh and envigorating. Plus now, I’ll be sitting outside a lot more, because there is a parklette i between the buildings here. I hope my home network wifi reaches to the sitting area. I also like watching the trees go all green again, and flowers popping up, triggering my allergies.
What do you like about Spring?

The first best thing about spring is being able to open windows again. The next best is watching thing start budding. Unfortunately, the leafing of trees leads to their various seeding devices filling our gutters - that part I could do without!

Plus not having to run the furnace or the a/c - bliss!!

Most of all, spring means no more snow!! Yeah, I know, it can still happen. I recall one Easter of my youth when we had snow. But mostly not.

It can’t come too soon for me! Happy First Monday of March!!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN We’re havin’ a taste of Spring today. Right now 'tis 50 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 71 and we should have highs in the upper 70s the next two days. Then I do believe it will cool down again. Also ‘tis foggy out. Of course it is and probably will remain a thick, heavy fog cause I get to drive to the southeast forty this mornin’ first thing. Rah.

Ok, that’s all I got. I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants sustenance. Then. alas and alack, 'tis Moanday so irk purtification must commence.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

It’s foggy here, too, and that ticks me off. I was counting on early sun to start melting the ice off the truck. I’ll head out there about 8 or so, see if I can open the door and start it up. Once it gets warm enough, it should melt the ice on the windows so I can see where I’m going. Can’t do anything about the outside mirrors, tho. Maybe I’ll take some warm water to pour over them. Maybe.

Stoopit ice. Stoopit fog. Stoopit Dr appt at 11! It’s so hard to be me sometimes!

Oh yeah, and the garage door opener light burned out - I need to find a replacement and swap out the bad one. * <pose of woe>*


I have had both winter and spring this morning. When I left home it was cloudy. By the time I got half way to irk, it was snowing. Now it’s mid-morning and the sun is shining. The weather lady said it was going to get much warmer by the weekend so we could have temperatures as high as 15 UK degrees. Typically, I will be heading east and will be spending the weekend in Germany where they will probably still be having the same weather we had here a couple of days before.

Deciding on a favourite season is tough, there are things I like about all of them. Spring always cheers me up because the trees start to get some colour and there are lots of flowers around. Summer is good for the longer daylight hours and the (hopefully) warm weather. Autumn has so many lovely changes of colour and although winter can be bleak and cold, it has those perfectly crisp cold sunny mornings to counteract the darker days.

And we have our xmas holiday to think about too!


Happy Moonday!

It’s a cloudy 37 degrees. Above freezing so everything should start to melt.
My truck is covered in ice and snow and my street doesn’t look so nice.

Don’t know if I am going to my mother’s today or tomorrow.

I think spring is my favorite, it’s a happy season when nature is reborn. Not too hot, not too cold and smells nice.
I’m tired of the cold and snow, I’m ready for spring.

Spring can kiss my grits. I’m currently suffering from my annual Springtime Sinus Pressure Vertigo. There goes my plans to leave the house today. It’s not safe for me to drive when I’m like this, so Polly Subaru has to wait a week to go to the fix-it shop. :mad:

I’ve pulled the truck into the driveway and knocked a bunch of ice off it. The sun is just starting to burn thru the fog - that should take care of the rest of the ice.

Somehow, I managed to wrench my back while putting on my boots. So I just popped a naproxen and I’m having a plain tortilla, because it’s not good to take naproxen on an empty stomach. Or any NSAID, for that matter. Anyway, I hope it eases the pain before I have to leave in about 90 minutes. I’ve got to get out of these sweats and into presentable clothes - that could be a challenge if it hurts to bend over.

Getting old sucks!!!

Good luck at the doc FCM

The sun is shining here.
I need to get up and get busy but I feel lazy today.

FIL’s (v.1.0) Last Words.
Stop saying that!

My favorite season is Cayenne pepper.:stuck_out_tongue:

Up, caffeinated, off to work in a bit. Late hockey tonight.

My favorite season is fall, followed by spring, followed by winter and summer is dead last. Truthfully I don’t mind winter as long as it’s moderate which means around 20-25 F and a little bit of snow. No. Illinois has recorded its coldest February in over 100 years. 1876 holds the current record. I am ready to move from my full length down coat into my more reasonable regular Land’s End winter jacket.

Inspired by the Great British Bake Off, I made cheese twists yesterday. I cheated and used Pepperidge Farm puff pastry. I have about 20 left over and put them in the freezer. Next weekend I am attempting macarons because I want to use my KitchenAid and make pretty pink French cookies.


I too love both Spring and Fall. Spring has the edge for me because it’s followed by Summer, where Fall is followed by Winter.

Though Fall is spectacular around here, there is always this nagging feeling that something bad is just around the corner.

I didn’t want to keep cluttering up everyone’s chitchat about weather forecasts and blurfs with monologues about jewelry, so anyone curious about the bracelet project I mentioned in last week’s MMP – and anyone at all with their own personal creative projects – is welcome to check out the thread I started over in Cafe Society:
Let’s talk about our personal creative projects here

Also, blurf. :slight_smile:

And a double blurf on you!


Morning, all. I was pathetically grateful this morning that it was like 27 degrees. That is almost summer. It has been brutally cold for weeks here in the Northeast. Usually we get only one-two weeks of subzero weather but this time it’s been like a month, and it’s exhausting.
I am still looking for a job. No one wants to hire me…!

Spring – for me its always been that rebirth and renewal thing. I just love that the sameness of winter slowly falls apart to be replaced with and entire range. You have trees that just start budding all over and others that didn’t survive starting to dry. You have the green of crops and grasses starting and the brown emptiness of mud. Older animals sitting in the sun while the new born run through the rays of the sun. Ah heck - other than my allergies there isn’t much about spring I don’t love.

Now off to find some dinner.

Also, we didn’t get that February thaw we can count on almost every year. It’s been bitter.

Came out around 9am to a rainstorm of water melting off the ice covered trees.

Made for a nice video.

Unfortunately the morning commute for most was delayed into my time, so traffic was thicker than usual…