The Spring into Spring MMP

Cool vid, Tugig!! Similar drippage down here also. But the ice is now gone from the trees and the snow is gradually giving way. Yay!

Barring spousal work schedule conflict, I’ll get my head surgicalized on Weds morning. The Dr said he’ll most likely hack out an area about the size of a middle fingernail, possibly more. They’ll do the initial hack, then take the hacked stuff to the lab and check for cancer cells. Then they’ll either stitch me back up or hack some more. I’ll have a few stitches and I won’t be able to shampoo for 2 days - I think I can deal with that.

Stoopit cancer. :mad:

Very nice. I pulled a few stills

Too bad you’re not old enough for swampy’s crew, Mika. The commute would be a hassle though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mooom, good luck on your biopsy (right?). They’re pretty much a piece of cake, especially if there’s no more hacking to do.

I would have to say that my favorite season is autumn, followed by spring and summer. Winter just sucks.

**red **- I’ve had the biopsy. This is Mohs surgery - they’ll hack away at my scalp till they get a cancer-free edge, then they’ll sew it up. With luck, it will be very localized. There’s always a chance they’ll have to cut away enough that I might need a skin graft, but it was a fairly small lump to start with, so fingers crossed…

But before that, I get to take the car in for an oil change - woohoo!!!

I heard you get better results with either Larrys surgery or Curlies surgery, FWIW.
Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard…

It’s been decided
we are leaving tomorrow not today.

I’m grumpy as hell today anyway.

**BBBobbio **- you should be ashamed of yourself!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Vunderboob has no shame.

Sorry, Bob. Vunderbob.

I had shame once, but it cost me some money, so I got rid of it.

It’s not really a party until the cops show up, right?

We were having a party at the house on Saturday, and there was a sharp knock at the door. Seems there was a call to 911 from our address, but the caller hung up, so the police were sent to investigate. We think kids were playing with one of our rotary dial phones and accidentally dialed 911. Oops!

I hate sinus infections. I’m worn the hell out and I haven’t done much of anything today at all.


I haven’t done much of anything either but I can’t blame it on a sinus infection.
I’m just feeling lazy today and I look around and see so much to be done and I’m not doing a thing.

Well, did you offer them appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages while they were there?

I wrote an email fussing at the State Comptroller’s office because our tax refund seemed to be taking too long, then all of a sudden, I wasn’t able to get a status on line. Turns out that’s because the TaxAct software goofed up (or maybe I entered something wrong… nah!) Anyway, our refund was a whopping *$6 more *than I’d expected! WOOHOO!!!

Relief - I was afraid they’d randomly pulled me for an audit. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I feel like I have done half of all my tasks. So I have little piles all over my desk. Le sigh.

So far today I have opened the mail, called the doctor to see about my surgery (no info there as the scheduler is out),
unloaded the dishwasher that was mostly unloaded anyway because I use the clean dishes out of there, rinsed off the soda/juice bottles that were sitting in soapy water. I found little mousie gifts in the corner where I keep them.
I still need to take a shower, load the dishwasher, mop the kitchen floor, clean the powder room and I should do a load of laundry.
Maybe when I take a shower I’ll feel more alive and inclined to do something.

I’d rather sit and stare into space.

Mooom, that’s what they did the last time I had a patch on my shoulder and Dad has had it done several times on his head. It’s still not that rough, more of a nuisance.

Sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

You have a special corner for mousie gifts Sari? That’s taking organisation too far :stuck_out_tongue:

Today was the first day of the new job, so of course I came down with a rotten lurgy at the weekend, and barely slept last night, and my brain was just switched off all day.

Highlights included smashing a glass all over the floor, and sipping my new manager’s drink thinking it was mine, then deciding it didn’t taste right (of course it didn’t! It was a latte, mine was chai!) and adding sugar. This did not help matters.

Luckily she was very nice about me being a bit dopy, and I have met her before, so I think she did realise that I’m not normally like that. Hopefully the lurgy won’t last long- everyone else in the house has also had it.

I felt too rotten for juggling, which is really not like me, and the Indian takeaway made dindin, 'cos I really wasn’t up to doing more than toast.


I like spring, but it sure ain’t spring here. Though it was marginally warmer today than it has been recently, so there is that.

First day of my new class, but we got out early, so I’ve been working on music arrangements.

When I watched that video, this one was on the the side. I know it was a number of years ago, but do you remember if it was it a well organized march, or was it…

…anarchy? :smiley:
To answer the OP, the days get longer & warmer (theoretically). Why I don’t even need headlights to or from irk anymore.