Signs of spring in the MMP

This past weekend, I noticed LOTS of growing stuff poking up in my gardens. Mostly daffodils, some hyacinths, and I think I even detected a tulip. There were also 3 or 4 yellow blossoms on the forsythia.


Alas, tho, it was too cold to get out there and start tidying the beds. Maybe next weekend. Last fall, I put in a bunch of bulbs but I don’t recall exactly what I planted or where, so spring will be full of surprises. Yay!

You can have your robins as seasonal harbingers - I’ll take garden growth any day.

Happy Moanday!!

1st! W00T!

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled.

up, here, back later when coherant

The trees outside my window are budding, and there is consistent birdsong in the morning. But most importantly:


Spring has definitely sprung over here, we have daffodils and crocuses out in abundance on campus. We’ll know it’s really spring when the ducks appear, they live down on the canal that runs along past the university, and in spring they start wandering around the grassy bits of campus. Eventually there will be a trail of ducklings too.

I am at irk, it is less irksome than usual, and whilst I don’t normally work on my birthday, at least there is cake.

5th. I think that is what I got last week!

Its already 40 here and the snow is melting once again

5 taped fingers today!

Was in the 60’s on Sunday and supposed to be in the 70’s during the week, so that is a good sign of spring, I guess. OTOH, it also means grass-mowing season is drawing ever-closer, which is not a good thing, IMHO.

Don’t do gardening, the occasional weed-pulling exercise is the best I can do.

Otherwise nothing interesting this morning. My ears have pretty well recovered from Blue Man Group on Sunday.

Happy BooFae Day!!!
I saw it on FB last night but my memory didn’t extend to this morning. Still, yay for cake!! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 44 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 76 and sunny for the day. Temps will be warmin’ up into the 80s this week. This means Spring is here. That and pollen everywhere. Matter of fact I am at da cave due to really achy sinuses. I emailed TPTB that I am takin’ a sick day due to this.



Happy Moanday Y’all!

Spring hasn’t sprung yet around here; in fact, we’re back to having minimums below freezing and to wind that “feels like snow”. The local vegetation don’t give a shit though, it is busily trying to grow up.

I’m in the northern Meseta now: not sure where that wind comes from but it does come a long way. This area is actually pretty hilly for Meseta values, but dang flat compared with the valleys I grew up in: there’s parts of the horizon which are horizontal!

Back home, Spring springing day is usually sometime in the first two weeks of April. You leave the house in the morning wrapped up to the size of the Michelin man, come back not remembering where the heck you left your coat, pullover, gloves, woolly scarf… and have Repeat Conversation v. 4.15 with the neighbors:
“oh my God, so hot! The public pools, when do they open?”
“June 15th.”
“JUNE? Oh my God we’re going to melt until then! Why do they open so late?”
“Dunnow but it’s June 15th every year.”
People who have a water deposit in their vegetable garden become very, very popular for those two months.


(Are you one of the Bane Sidhe?)

I had to scrape frost off m[COLOR=“black”][/COLOR]y windshield this morning. Spring my butt.

Happy Birthday Boofae!!!

BOOFAE!!! One day late to making the Evil Triplets (me, Beloved Brother, Close Friend) Evil Quads. A Happy one to you!

One sign of spring for me is always seeing other bikes out and about rather than just me and we’ve had a fair amount of that all winter. More than baseball though is Spring Trap (shooting) League starts this week. Don’t know if I’ll play this year, or the military league for that matter, but it means more than robins and green buds in the trees.

Happy BooFae Day!!!

Since I missed it on my first post, A most happy celebration of completing another orbit of the sun BOO FAIRY

Signs of spring? Daffodils and Baseball, yo.
HIPPO BIRDIES BOOFAE and a [COLOR=“navy”][COLOR=“Orange”]BEE-lated[/COLOR][/COLOR] one to you, [COLOR=“Red”]Ruble![/COLOR]

Not a lot going on here this morning, except preparing to irk from home… ugh… hope we have a massively quite day… here’s hoping.

Keep my nevvies in your prayers, please… their Momaw passed away this morning.
Happy (almost) Spring!

Last Weds, I gave notice, wanting to be done the end of this week. Boss insisted he needed 2 weeks. Well, I sit here idle with nothing to do. He can’t find anything for me to do, either. Meanwhile, I’m stuck here till the 18th.


I wish I could get paid for doing nothing. I’d be very good at it.

You’ve got goofy colors there, should be Blue & White or Red & White.
Here’s a story on an interesting baseball team

My neighbor typically has some daffodil sprouts in December!
Happy BooFaeDay!

What really pisses me off is that he insisted I give him the full 2 weeks of notice, then he asked me to stay to the end of the week, since 2 weeks took me to Weds, but here I am at the beginning of the 2 weeks with nothing to do. I could have started the new job earlier. Or had some time off between jobs. But no, I’m sitting here wasting taxpayers’ money.


So far today, I’ve done a load of laundry, cleaned the cat boxes (in front of some shell shocked cats who couldn’t believe I’d take their poop), cleaned out the fridge, schlepped a bag of trash to the curb, met friends for coffee, and gone to irk. I’m now tired and in need of a nap.