Ooooh, looky, it's the second annual springy MMP!

It will shock our reader to know: I LOVE SPRING.

Even though my allergies haven’t appreciated it, I’ve reveled in the amazing flowers we’ve had this spring. At one point we had magnolias, dogwoods, redbuds, lilacs, ornamental pears, almonds, cherries (both ornamental and fruit-bearing), as well as some tulips and daffodils. There are usually pauses between several of these. Not this year.

So, I’ve been wandering around my neighborhood, wandering through parks and through friends’ gardens, starting to renovate the garden behind my house (here, have a tour of my wanderings!), and observing the snow in my front yard. See?

OK, it only looks like snow. Yesterday, we had some amazing downpours and many of the petals on my crabapple trees fell. From a distance, it looked like my house had its own climate and it was still winter. At least I got some pretty memories and pictures out of the deal. I’m leaving the petals on the ground for a few days – they just look too pretty.

I’ve done a small initial round of plant shopping and will be buying more on Wednesday. So I’m hoping to start planting this weekend.

And…in celebration of spring, our very own Cutie Pie and I met up the other night and conned the lady at the next table into taking our picture. Well, in truth, we just asked politely.

Last year my spring MMP had more to do with cleaning. This year I want to know: Is it spring where you are? If so, what does it look like? Lots of flowers? Not many plants? What’s your favorite spring thing? If it’s not spring where you are: what season is it? What’s your favorite aspect of this season?

Happy Monday, everyone!


First I shall be.

ETA: Lovely and timely OP, gardentraveler! Your pictures are beautiful.

I’ll write more in my next post - the edit timeframe is too short. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice spring you’ve had there. I think ours has been nice, too. I’ve been [del]potting plants like a mutha[/del] busy in the garden today. Gorgeous day out.
I want to thank all those who are as concerned about my wardrobe [del]malfunctions[/del] choices as I am. I just realized that Tuesday I must buy an outfit to wear, since I possess none that would pass muster (oh, but I like working for a living in scrubs). I am still not sure which one I’d pick. The devil one works well, me being an incubus and all, but that book skirt… lookin’ good! :smiley:
I doubt I’ll be here tomorrow. Don’t cry; I’ll be back. I have TOO MUCH TO DO. May Madness is upon me.

oh, and btw, Walk the Line is a great movie. Gotta get that soundtrack, too!

Spring has been dragging her feet this year something awful, like a sullen child. We’ve had a string of hot and cold spells these past few weeks - I suppose it’s less like a sullen child and more like a cheeky bitch that jumps you one minute and ignores your calls the next. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s funny, but when I think of spring I immediately think of dogwood blossoms, even though I haven’t seen a dogwood tree in years. When we lived in Atlanta, dogwood blossoms were the first sign of spring for me. In Korea it was cherry blossoms and these yellow flowers that I don’t know the English word for. Cherry blossoms in bloom are quite gorgeous, but for some reason cherry blossoms trees strike me as . . . I don’t know, too ephemeral. They explode into fluffy white blossoms then scatter their beauty with each passing breeze until there’s nothing left.

I do miss having a garden. I might plant some stuff out front on the windowsill, but now that I’m leaving soon I dunno if it’s worth it. I mentioned it to That Guy today: “I’d love to plant something out front, but it doesn’t seem worth it since I’m leaving in a month.”

“A month and a half,” he corrected me.

Ack. I wish this spring could last a bit longer.

Spring has only just arrived here. The grass is finally turning green and the trees and bushes are budding. SUnday I spent reseeding/overseeding my grass and washing the side of my house so now I’m all sore and tired… and I haven’t even started the flowers I bought for the front of the house yet. Thankfully all I really have is the front of the house, and a very small spot for flowers.

Purty flowers, gt.

Well, I am off to sleep now. Niteynite

Pretty pictures, GT! It’s spring here; lots of flowers blooming. The daffodils and the lilacs are my favorites – the plain yellow daffs, not the white and yellow ones or the ones with extra-frilly petals. Fortunately, the plain yellow ones are planted everywhere around here in huge bunches, so they’re always a lovely sign of spring.

Papa Tigs has had to cut the grass several times already, and our neighbor across the street has started his twice-weekly mowing on his lawn tractor that was his new toy last year. Thanks a lot, Hank Hill; I love having that going on when I’m trying to work. :rolleyes:

Anyway, for me the nicest sign of spring is being able to open the windows and leave them open day and night for weeks if not months. I love fresh spring air!

Back to work. Great Og, this new job is looooong. I get depressed just looking at how much I still have to do in spite of how much I’ve already done. The $$ is nice, but it’ll be nicer when I get it done!

ETA: Haze, we have a large dogwood tree just across the fence in our neighbor’s yard, that spreads most of its branches into our yard. Dogwoods are indeed lovely!

Why are we all up? I’m off to bed now.

Sweet dreams, all.

We’re up because the Stars and Sharks are into the 2nd OT. It’s spring here, last week was chilly, thogh.

Neat pic, gt. That’s a Rue style shirt, too.

Pretty OP, gt. ~waving to gt~

Well, Lunch has not shown up in room 304 all weekend. He is slowly losing his reputation as Master Ribald, among other things.

Good night, all!

I gotta know - what is an MMP?

Monday Morning Post

Shhhhh, it’s a secret. :slight_smile:

Why are we up?

**Cisco, ** MMP stands for Monday Morning Post, which is odd because it goes on all week long. It’s a total socializing thread with lots of what we had for dinners, what we did todays and hugs. Welcome!

Spring sure felt like it hit with a bang today–went off to the Saturday Market and watched the grandkid perform cute fable type tales, including a very good Anansi story which Jr accompanied on African drum. They moved the main stage out by Naito Parkway and the Cinco de Mayo festival carnival rides were all up and operating so the poor kids had to project their little hearts out in order to be heard. The kids are just as cute as bugs and so animated, all of them just personality plus. Both my kids were there and I got to twit my son about his prolonged “borrowing” of my lawn mower; with any kind of luck I just guilted him into mowing my meadow for me!

Speaking of which, in Oregon spring is weird. It’s rainy so much of the time that it seems like spring will never come, then all of a sudden it’s here and the grass that was only a couple inches tall seems to SPROING overnight into two foot tall madness! I got out and did some weeding in my horribly overgrown front yard herb garden and again I chanted my mantra “FUCK RHIZOMES, FUCK RHIZOMES!” I have this horrid mutant grass with gigantic mile long rhizomes that takes over the whole thing and it’s such a mess to get out. I mulch and mulch to no avail. On the plus side I found the chives are doing very nicely–on the minus side I found out by grabbing a big handful of them along with the grass. On the plus side, though, I used them in my N.O.T. salad that we had for dinner. I also kicked myself for planting lemongrass–what was I thinking? I can’t tell if it’s still there or not! Grr. The thyme is all overgrown as well but the mints are fighting back. Go mint! The little Corsican mint is spreading too–I love that stuff, it’s so cute.

I lethally teriyaki’d some chicken thighs and we grilled for the firstest time this year, yay! The weather was so perfect today and it looks like more of the same tomorrow–when spring finally gets here it’s the most beautiful place to be in the whole world. Then the rhododendrons go off like visual fireworks–they’re so silly, they only bloom for a couple weeks in May then the rest of the year they’re just boring foliage but oh, the bloom season is spectacular.

Pretty pix, gt, thanks for sharing!

It was not Monday when the OP was made! I am going to be a big old Scrooge and express my disdain for spring, because it means that I’m going to be sniffly for the next 6 months, unless I take my Zyrtec every day, and then it dries out my nose. (Funny story: Dry nose led to a nosebleed while I was having sex a couple of weeks ago, and we didn’t notice for a while until he looked at me, said “There’s blood all over your face!” to which I responded “There’s blood all over /your/ face!” Then he picked my septum ring up off his stomach, gave me a strange look, then we giggled and cleaned up.)

(update: I have teh Internets at mah house!)

I have adventures planned for this week, but I have my only two finals tomorrow morning, and should get to bed soon. Graduation is Friday!

(This disjointed post brought to you by the letters “Rozerem” and “Zanaflex”)

This MMP made me smile.

I went away this weekend, but I’m happy to be home.

Love the pics.

Great OP and pics, gt! It’s definitely spring around here, things are turning green and there’s loads of cherry blossom around. Sadly it also means the back yard here will be sprouting soon and that means yet another year will have gone by without 'im indoors honouring his promise to get someone to make it into a useable space.

In other news, I’ve had a busy weekend! I had to go frock shopping on Saturday as I’ve got two weddings coming up and decided it was time for a new outfit. That went well, and I now have a blue/green floral print dress and a black and white one, as well as some nifty cream shoes which I think will go well with both dresses.

Yesterday I went to visit my doting parent and took her to various places as she’d got a list of errands ready for me - she saves all the big jobs (garden centre for compost and plants, the DIY shop for paints, the supermarket for TP) until I visit because she needs the car to get around and transport all the stuff she needs. We also visited one of my favourite outlet shops as I needed some new trousers for work - the bonus of losing weight is that my usual trousers don’t fit any more, they keep sliding off my hips which is potentially quite embarrassing and most definitely not flattering! So now I have new trousers too and they’re a size smaller than the last pair. Hurrah!

Off to celebrate with a trip to Ikea with a friend as she’s looking for some new chairs to go with her breakfast bar. Hmmm…breakfast. That’s a good idea too.

And as if that’s not enough excitement, it’s a public holiday here today so I get the day off work!

Good Monday morning, Mumpers! A wonderful OP, GT, and especially enjoyed your beautiful pics. Lilacs are my favorite spring bloomer, in all colors. :slight_smile: And cute pic of you and Pie!

Okay, today is my first day of freedom from cigarettes, and so far, so good. Although I definitely tried to reach for one while drinking my coffee this morning! It’s definitely hard, even with the zyban.

More later today …


Ooh, so pretty! Your garden is lovely!

Welcome back, donkeybear!
Yawn. Sleepy.

Hang in there Herbs! You can do it!

Great OP gt. Purty pictures. I see CutiePie and you!

Howdy donkeybear! Nice TMI! :smiley:

Up and caffienatin’ here. Gotta go purtify for work and forage brekkies soon.

Spring sprung here in mid March, as usual. All the bloomin’ out is done, except the pecan and oak trees are still pollinatin’ fools. Pecan and oak are the two worst for my allergies. ACHOO! I sneeze a lot and have the general miseries until they get through which should be within the next couple of weeks.

Ok, time to get in gear.

Later Y’all!