The Bloomin' MMP

I bought flowers this weekend for various planters, plus my iris are blooming like crazy. I know some of you do flowers, so let’s start off with a little gardening in the MMP.

I got coleus, geraniums, and marigolds, plus I already planted some petunias. Lots of greenery for day lilies, tho it’s too early for them to bloom just yet. And the azaleas are on their last blossoms. Ah, spring!

Happy Moanday!


Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work. Doing a double.

This is the only “Flower” I know about.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 58 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 87 and N.O.S. for the day. The a/c is officially cranked up as of yestiddy. The big plan of the day is to spiff da cave. Rah.

Speakin’ of yahd stuff, I need to put some mulch around the shrubbery in the front yahd. I have nuttin’ that blooms unless whatever those things on sego palms are blooms. Remember, my yahd irk goal is to not be the worst in the 'hood. Second worst I’m good with, however. :smiley:

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy is hungry. Then onward into the day. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Happy Moonday!

It’s a bit chilly outside but the sun is supposed to be shining today.

When it comes to flowers I never know what is going to pop up in my yard.
I found out I have an azalea out front, I guess it never bloomed before.
The dogwood? flowers are long gone.
Last year I had daffodils, but they didn’t bloom this year.
We threw the wild flowers seed over the weekend, I have no idea what, if anything, will come up.
I suppose the cleome will come back this year, if the wild violets don’t choke it out.
Between the violets and the dandelions, my back yard is a sea of purple with patches of bright yellow.

Lots to do today, same as everyday lately.
I’m tired.

Morning all. 60F with a high of 81F and looks like the rain has gone away for a few days.

I can grow weeds pretty well, but nothing else. Got the new concrete patio because the area was a mess with weeds popping out everywhere. The lawn looks fair, I do pay Trugreen to treat it, but like swampy, if it ain’t the worst on the street, it works for me.

Two more weeks of Spring Soccer, may ease off on the practices now. Also was invited to a home renovation place’s ‘opening’, which I may go to 2Day just to learn a little more on the process and maybe schedule an home visit.

Other than that and assorted home cleaning, not much else on the schedule.

I live in a townhouse so I do no planting or yard work. For several years, I had containers of flowers on my stoop. For several years they died. I have a black thumb. My friends Patti and Dave do a lot of planting and have a lovely back yard so I get my fix over by their house.

I will be putting a few annual flowers and a lot of herbs in clay pots on the patio next weekend. I decided against peppers and tomatoes this year because I didn’t get enough for the table last year and still had to buy them from the farmer’s market. For the price that I can get good maters there, it costs more to grow them on the patio. Herbs, on the other hand, cost an arm and a leg fresh at the grocery store, are hard to find at my farmer’s market and are easy to grow. I actually have some sage, oregano and thyme already up from last year. I’ll add some sweet basil, rosemary and others that I cook with when I see what’s available. I’m deciding what flowers to buy. I do know that marigolds will be among them.

Time to put the clothes in the dryer. I have an appointment with the retinopathist right after lunch, so I need to purtify for going out of the house.

The bathrooms and kitchen are cleanded and mopped. Go Me! Still need to dust and vacuum the rest of the place. Woe! Grilled salmon, broccoli/rice mix from a box (don’t judge!), peas 'n carrots, and rolls will be supped upon. I feel so domestic right now.

I had to beg for more work again. Dunno if I’ve got enough to last the rest of the day. Bunch slacker engineers…

It appears the boss ratted me out to Baby Engineer re: Easter eggs. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Tho the lad does seem to be a bit humor impaired at times…

Despite having managed to get an allotment, I’m not growing much in the way of flowers this year; well, let’s be honest, I’m apparently not growing much of anything bar slug snacks this year. If I plant stuff out, I can see the slugs and snails lining up with tiny knives and forks. It’s most annoying. I don’t have outside space at the house, but I’ve sneaked in a couple of pots of herbs and things into the shared space. No one’s moved them or said anything.

I’ve got nematodes to try and combat the slug problem, which hopefully will work. They’re chilling in the fridge at the moment, the plan is to apply them tomorrow, when the confusing glowing ball is supposed to go away and be replaced by normal cloudy wet. We shall see.

It’s been a year since I quit smokingI forgot to pat myself on the back yesterday. ****Hooray.

Home today doing nothing yet. I did not sleep good last night so a nap is in order. Then I have laundry and General picking up around here.

CONGA RATS! I can’t believe how fast this year has passed.

[QUOTE=Filbert;20945267…when the confusing glowing ball is supposed to go away and be replaced by normal cloudy wet. We shall see.[/QUOTE]

You’re British, aren’t you?

CONGRATS, Butters!!! But is it appropriate to celebrate by picking up generals? And since you work for the Navy, shouldn’t it be Admirals??


I crack me up!!!


Whatever gave it away :smiley:

It’s been about 68-70°F here this weekend, people are already complaining that it’s too hot.

Go Butters!

Cousin! Here in Orygun we had a few days of confusing blindingness, but the bright glowy ball has retreated behind the soothing grey veil, as is only proper. We are back down to the low 60s. It won’t last of course, but I’ll take it.

The dogwoods are blooming now. My crabapple just finished. I have wisteria out, and various stages of rhododendron blooming or getting ready to bloom. I have a few azaleas mixed in, but they are mostly finished. My Siberian irises are about to start, and my peonies are not long behind them. I have some later blooming things, like hydrangea, which will follow in due course.

Happy Monday all!

Today s turning out to be a pretty day.
It’s up to 72 degrees outside, much warmer than the predicted high of 59.
I suppose I should change out of my sweat suit and into something cooler.

The front postage stamp needs to be mowed, again. My son is not too happy about that. It’s not the mowing so much as it takes almost as long to get out the mower and the extension cord as it takes to mow. He may as well pull out the leaf sucker upper too and clean up the leftovers while the extension cord is out.
The way he acts anymore you’d think he was giving up a pint of blood, a pound of flesh, and his first born son.

Congrats Butters!

We planted our new 'maters and basil yesterday, and have decided on a place to try to grow our watermelons. Our chives and mint have come back. we’ve got some other stuffs I can’t remember waiting to go in the ground. Our dogwood and azaleas are still blooming and the rhodies are starting. One thing we have plenty of are bluebelles. They’re everywhere in our yard. They just started to appear about 5 or 6 years ago and they’re trying to take over. I kinda like them, but Wifey is of the opinion that if they require no maintenance, they’re weeds. :confused: Such is life.

Dinner tonight will be 'squished fish patties onna bun!
You prolly don’t have that (Popeyes) commercial where you are, so for your edification and amusement, here’s the relevant part
We’re easily amused.

And now, onward!

**sari **- it’s obvious you didn’t beat the boy nearly enough as he was growing up! :smiley: Imagine how he’d react if you had as big a yard as I have - or would it be more fun for him on a riding mower?

When I was a kid, mowing was a “boy job” - ergo, my brother’s chore. I wanted to mow but wasn’t allowed. My mom still hasn’t fully accepted that girls can do many of the things that boys can do…

I’ve asked all the engineers for work. I have nothing to do. I need something to do. This is boring!!! I’m afraid it’s all going to hit at once and I’ll be buried. Definitely glad I didn’t come in on Saturday, or I wouldn’t have had anything to do today.

I’m hopeless with plants. I have no place for outdoor plant life here, and anything I’ve tried to keep indoors has died. If there were a Houseplant Humane Society, I’d be permanently banned from adoptions.

In other news, spent the weekend ill, stayed home from irk today (and I’m out of paid time off, dammit!).