Super Bowl 51 Commercials thread

Started a thread for the actual game here, but the commercials usually generate just as much discussion, so I’m starting two threads. SB 51 starts at 6:30 eastern today.

Not a commercial, but the “I Can Make Your Hands Clap” guys just did a horrible lip sync performance. They didn’t even attempt to record a live version and lip sync over that, they just did the studio version.

My favorite part was when he pointed the mic towards the crowd to get them to sing and his voice still came over loud and clear.

I want an onion cutting machine like in that really long pizza commercial. (Pregame show)

And even before it appears there is already a controversy with a Budweiser ad:

What it is even more dumb: The ones wanting to boycott are not even wrong, it is not likely to refer to Muslims as they would not drink the stuff anyway.

Now, as a Hispanic that does not drink the stuff for having good taste :), I would consider even drinking a lime one :eek: if there is a boycott by some misguided people. Have to counter all bigoted moves.

Kid stuck in his tricycle is adorable. Already forgotten which car company was doing the advertising though.

Walken/Timberlake ad was the first one to make me LOL.

My wife is 26, and is the right age to have been a squealing girl during that song’s heyday- she freaked out and started dancing!

So far, for me the ads…yawn
well, at least Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 looks FREAKING GREAT!!!:slight_smile:

Can’t believe there’s going to be another Pirates movie.

I did not understand the Buick commercial with the tall quarterback drilling the tiny wide receiver.

So, Wendy’s pays all that money for a Super Bowl ad and brings up the old frozen patty bit and slaps on an old Foreigner song. Underwhelmed.

The dad said “if that’s a Buick my kid is a pro football player (or something like that)” and poof the kid was a pro, because that snazzy car WAS a Buick after all

Good, in a perfectly understated way.

I learned a lot about oil in that one ad. It’s not so bad after all!!

I liked the Melissa McCarthy one, that was funny.

“For the next four years, we’re in for bad hair.”


So far nothing that’s really big IMO, I liked Walken/Timberlake, the Stewart/Snoop was OK had a few mild gags, and I enjoyed the Alfa Romeo but really no Big One. Adolphus Busch’s journey had already been previewed so much it did not really hit me.

Too bad the writers couldn’t have worked in a bit at the end with he Sean Spicer character. But yeah, that was pretty good.

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And even before it appears there is already a controversy with a Budweiser ad:

The lead-in commercial by Coca Cola beat that by a mile. Of course they were going to be upset. Any further comment belongs elsewhere.

That Spuds McKenzie Charles Dickens ripoff was pretty bad.

Those T Mobile ads S&M ads would have been funnier if it featured Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher

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The Coca-cola commercial was a re-run from 2014. Not sure why it still riles peeps up. :dubious: