Super Bowl Commercials 2014

So what’s the consensus this year?

So far a bunch of duds, though I did get a kick out of the Colbert pistachiohead ad.

Maserati…? Really?

The Audi dog commercial was hilarious.

I liked the Dober-huahua.

For sentimental reasons, if no other, I liked the one with the Electric Mayhem and Kermit.

and the Doberhuahua WAS funny.

The pistachio ad was clever. We rewound and replayed the muppet movie broken down bus ad (I think it was actually an ad for a car). I liked that one the best.

Mostly, the ads sucked this year.

How many people watching the Coke ad know where Ashwaubenon is?
(Suburb of GB, parts of Lambeau are in it)


My favorite by far was the Doberhuahua, especially when they wheeled in Sarah McClachlan. The Tim Tebow “no contract” ones were pretty cute as well. Pretty much everything else left me cold.

The Doritos commercial towards the end with the little kid riding a boxer like a horse made me laugh.

I skipped through most of the ads, but I managed to see those three. I guess I lucked out. I also saw a Budweiser spot that a pretty good featuing a puppy and a Clydesdale. It appeared to be a variation of a previous ad except with a twist.

Morpheus belting out Nessun Dorma gets my nod.

Who the hell thought Bob Dylan can sell Chryslers?

That was a big WFT to me too.

Yeah, and it was LONG

For those of us who had no clue—is there a decent site to catch them on? Tried searching, but finding a ton of clickbait and whatnot.

Youtube has them up:

I laughed at the Doritos time machine.

“game day ad”? :dubious:

Thanks. I did try YouTube, but kept running into mislabelled or annotation-full ads. Er, not that I spent that much time, sorry for the laziness.

That’s a bull mastiff, one of the largest dog breeds (or the largest?) A boxer is like a 40-60 lb dog :slight_smile:

I liked…Ford Fusion’s “double” ad, the Budweiser puppy (watched that earlier this week), Dorito’s time machine, Colbert’s spots, Radio Shack, Toyota Muppets, Butterfinger Cups, and the Chobani bear was cute and unexpected.

Maserati and Jaguar? Sheesh.

Some people are apparently upset about the Coke “America The Beautiful” commercial.

Oh, I called that before it was even over.