Super Bowl counter-programming: any OTHER alternatives?

Mix champagne and slim fast. It sure passes the time.

If any of that stuff were relevant to my interests, I wouldn’t have started this thread. I’m not looking to step outside of my comfort zone; I want to stay firmly within my comfort zone, but maybe try something within that space that I haven’t considered yet. The Dope is usually good for that sort of thing, but I guess this may be the exception.

In fairness, though, I also have to stipulate that I haven’t really been forthcoming with what my interests are, either, so I suppose I’m to blame for this (what you all must consider to be) maddening exercise. My apologies.

There’s an Air Disasters marathon on the Smithsonian Channel.

Let me also add that, even though I have come across as completely uncooperative and obstinate, I do sincerely appreciate everyone who has taken the time to offer suggestions, even though this thread hasn’t quite worked out how I was hoping.

Ew. Do you get the NHL Network?

I’ve never had occasion to find out.

Mrs. Mahaloth and I watch movies or TV like any other day. I put the Super bowl on my Ipad and keep an eye on it because I’m curious and it sometimes turns out to be kind of interesting.

I am drinking wine and watching “The Worst Cooks in America” on the Food Network

Anyway, thanks again to silenus, StarvingButStrong, Guinastasia, ekedolphin, John Mace, RealityChuck, kunilou and Robot Arm for their (presumably) sincere efforts to offer helpful suggestions. That they didn’t actually help me has more to do with my general asociality and borderline misanthropy than the quality of their advice.

For some reason, I never tire of Forensic Files on HLN when the pickin’s on TV are slim.

Misanthropes, unite! :cool:

I went grocery shopping during the first half of the Super Bowl. Fewer crowds, lighter traffic.

For some reason there was an unusually high number of goths & emos wandering about. Probably no more numerically than usual, they just stood out because all the non-weirdos were at home watching the game.

This makes me wonder what the cross-section of ‘goths’ and ‘sports fans’ is?

Too late for my advice to have an impact on tonight’s viewing, but with the exception of a couple of channels explicitly counter-programming (like Animal Planet with the Puppy Bowl silliness), most channels (and sports leagues) realize that the Super Bowl is going to suck the oxygen out of the room, so they don’t put live sports or new content on against the game.

As a result, we get marathons of crap like American Pickers and Ancient Aliens.

I was a bit disappointed with the Puppy Bowl this year. The refs missed a blatant pass interference call and the schnauzer really should have gone through the concussion protocol.

I did like the hamster-powered scoreboard. I wonder where they got a crazy idea like that.

You know, I did the thing in this thread that pisses me off when I see it. I commented without knowing the full story. Sorry, OP. I knee jerked when I should have asked more questions.

They were on at our house. We watched the Nov 2012 Cardinals at Packers game. We don’t mind football reruns. Plus, no commercials. (I only have games the packers won. We debated watching SB XLV but we did that a couple years back.)

I don’t mean to sound like I’m attacking the OP, but if one can’t find something worth watching on 300 cable channels, streaming services, DVDs, movie theaters, etc I’m not sure anyone can help.

My interests trend towards the narrow to start with, plus I have a job that provides a lot of idle time, so it doesn’t take me long to get through all the stuff that interests me. Yeah, there might be 300 channels, but only about six of them air programming that I care about.