Super Bowl counter-programming: any OTHER alternatives?

Creating this thread, because I didn’t want to threadshit in this one:

For the past several years, millions of people who hate or are, at best, ambivalent to professional football, have gotten enjoyment from watching the Puppy Bowl. What I’m hoping for here is that some Dopers could recommend some Super Bowl counter-programming alternatives for someone like me, who doesn’t like football or “cute” animals?

I’m not really a movie guy, so a movie marathon is right out. History isn’t really relevant to my interests, either.

Go outside, maybe take in some Nature?

I’m with Silenius. I’ll be watching the game but if there’s a usually-crowded venue, maybe try that? So, outdoor programming…?

37 degrees and raining. Nature sucks.

Why not consider that you’ve been granted about four hours you can devote to whatever you enjoy doing?

Get some other non-sports people together and play games. Play music. Dance. Have a orgy. Take advantage of the slack time at a pool parlor or bowling alley or massage parlor.

If you prefer solitary time, take you dog for a walk. Indulge in your favorite hobby. Read that book you’ve been wanting to get to. Take an indulgently bath and do your nails and hair. Brew a batch of beer.

Or take the chance to get a jump on the rest of the world by knocking off some necessary task so you can feel all superior: clean the house, paint the kitchen, do the laundry, do your taxes, hit the gym (bet it’s not crowded!), clean out the garage.

It’s a sad mind that can’t amuse itself just because television has gone football berserk for an evening.

How fast is your computer? You could always go to – I like watching old episodes of Beavis and Butthead. Or watch goofy videos on Youtube.

Do you have an online streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies, or Hulu? Start watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Out what? :slight_smile:

You’re in SoCal, right? It’s probably even warmer there than here (in NorCal). I’ll be watching the game but with all the windows open to let the air in. First, though, I’m going for a nice hike. Leaving in a few minutes, actually.

Otherwise, why not find a comfortable spot and crack open that book you’ve been meaning to get to.

What do you usally do on Sunday evening? NBC is carrying the Bowl this year and it shows football on Sunday nights all season. Shouldn’t impact a non-watcher.

PBS is running Victoria

First of all, I don’t know where @Loach is, but over here it is also in the low forties and raining. Second of all, I quit the Boy Scouts when I was 17; I’ve already seen all the nature I intend to see in my lifetime.

I’ve already watched all the series on Netflix that are relevant to my interests. Which are, admittedly, frustratingly narrow.

I have social anxieties that cause me to not want to be around people that much, and the only people I do enjoy/feel comfortable being around all want to watch the Super Bowl. I don’t know any “non sports” people in real life.

Four of these five things are non-starters for me (I also don’t have any hair). And I’ve been indulging in my favorite hobby all weekend already; I’m looking for suggestions for something else to do.


I don’t paint.

Already done.

Already done.

Already went. I always go at the crack of dawn, because of the aforementioned anxieties.

I don’t have one.

Fine. I’ll bee dat.

Watch NBA basketball.

The game takes up one channel. I’m a little baffled how having one channel dedicated to a game you’re not going to watch somehow creates a vortex of boredom. It’s not like the old days of presidential debates.

So, do whatever you would do on a day when the game is not on, which is every other day of the year.

I can’t; the NBA front-loaded its schedule so that all the games started early, so as not to compete with the Super Bowl.

Ah. I’m a sports fan, too (baseball and tennis for me). Sometimes, there’s just not a game on. If basketball is basically all you watch, I’m not entirely sure what someone can suggest.

I’m going shopping at IKEA. Hopefully the store won’t be too crowded

Well, I also watch a bunch of TV shows. Which have all taken the week off… because of the Super Bowl.

I was wrong. Ikea was packed.

MLB will have Game 7 of the 2017 World Series. ESPN2 has a night of boxing and main ESPN has poker.

A quick check of my cable guide shows multi episode marathons of The Simpsons, Furturama, Everybody Loves Raymond, How I Met Your Mother and The Andy Griffith Show. Non sitcom marathons include Without a Trace, Duck Dynasty, The Walking Dead, Storage Wars, and the original Disney version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

I’ll be watching the game, but if it gets boring, there’s other stuff to watch.

Unlike the OP I have plenty of stuff in my Netflix queue. If the Packers were playing I’d watch, and I’d probably watch if the Vikings made it.
Since neither made it is Netflix time for me.