Super Dave finally defeated. RIP Bob Einstein

He first big break came as a writer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. He won his first Emmy as part of a team that included Steve Martin. He also appeared on the show as Officer Judy. Here’s a bit where he “pulls over” Liberace.

Remember, he was a writer first.

He was also the first comedian to appear twice on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. He got a lot of respect from his fellow comedians. Even harder to do given the shadow his brother casts.

One of Bob’s bits was to go on a talk show and weave a fantastic story while keeping an absolutely straight face. If you didn’t know him, you would be completely taken in until he got close to the end and you finally realized what he was saying was ludicrous.

One such story I heard him tell on Steve Allen’s syndicated show was that he was raised by wolves. He kept adding details about his life in the wild until you started thinking “Wait a minute, that can’t be true!” When Steve finally showed Bob a photo of a tree in the forest, he started twitching and excused himself.

Another time, he claimed to represent a Polish anti-defamation group and wound up telling every Polak joke in the book to demonstrate how offensive they are. Every time the audience laughed, he’d glare at them and calmly say “Steve, that’s not funny. This is a very serious matter!” Finally, he threw down his 3x5 index cards in disgust and stormed off the set.

On both occasions, I was rolling on the floor laughing by the time he got to the end!

RIP Super Dave. I remember he had a cartoon for a while on Fox Kids, which seemed odd. I also had a “Hey waidaminute” moment when he appeared on Arrested Development as the surrogate.