Super Dave finally defeated. RIP Bob Einstein

Super Dave was such a great character. I know what is going to happen, I laugh every time no matter what.

Used to love me some Super Dave. RIP, Einstein.

His appearances on David Letterman always killed me as well. He could tell a joke that was corny and old, but with Super Dave’s pauses and inflections, it has us rolling.

RIP Mr. Einstein; you done real good.

Someday, I hope to get myself a copy of This Is My First Magic Book So I’m A Little Nervous; I’m thinking maybe I’ll trade someone a copy of Don Novello’s The Blade.

Marty Funkhauser was one of my favorite Curb Your Enthusiasm characters.

Balloon ball!

So long, Super Dave. Thanks for all the laughs.

Tonight, I pour out a genuine Saskatchewan seal skin binding for the great man.

Oh boy. Another guy whose death makes me feel like I’m on death’s door even though he was 30 years older than me.

RIP super Dave

His brother just tweeted:

Damn, 2019 isn’t playing around.


I’m almost 40 years younger but I get it. I can remember watching Super Dave with my dad in the 80’s.

For those of us who remember, and for those of us who don’t, here’s Super Dave Osborne.

I’d asked him for a blurb for my book on TV comedy writers, and he declined because I hadn’t interviewed him for it.
He basically felt that if he were in the book, he could say something like it was an honor to be included.
As it was…maybe he could say it was an honor to be ignored! :slight_smile:

We talked for more than a half hour, and he told me many hilarious off-color jokes. I’m glad I got the chance
to tell him how much I loved his work.

Damn. We lose Super Dave and Mean Gene on the same day. RIP.

And Daryl “The Captain” Dragon.

Because of him (and maybe benny hill), obviously fake dummy violence will always be hilarious.

I never found him funny. He had one joke and he beat it into a soupy goo.

Huh…I’d though Okerlund had already passed, for some reason. Now I have an unexpected extra sad.

RIP, Bob. And Gene.

Give the man some credit. After all, he was raised by wolves. :wink:

RIP, Bob. :o

I liked the guy a lot, but I’ve been wondering for years - what’s with his face and voice? Was he a burn victim or something, or was it just his shtick?

What the hell are you on about?