Super Fly?

I was warming some milk the other day in the microwave oven when a fly flew in just before I closed the door. Rather than “shoo” it out and swat it later, I went ahead with warming the milk. I set the timer for 33 seconds, and started the oven going. The fly was unfazed by the 33 second blast. I heated the milk for 28 seconds more and the fly didn’t care but it had flown to another part of the oven’s interior.
Really curious now, I removed the milk (which was warm enough) and put in about 12 oz of water in a plastic cup. I set the timer for 99 seconds and blasted away. When I opened the door the fly was crawling around on one of the sides. I set the oven for 99 more seconds and let it rip.
When the timer dinged I opened the door and the fly flew out, apparently unharmed. Meanwhile my plastic cup had deformed, and the water was too hot to touch comfortably.
I don’t want to do any more experimenting, but how much microwave radiation can an ordinary fly take? Yes, I had water in there too (I heard that microwaves shouldn’t be run “empty” and a fly is not much bigger than a food crumb), but the fly should have absorbed its share of the radiation that started to melt the cup.
Did I have a “super” fly in the microwave oven, or more ominously, did I create a “Superfly” under the theory that “that which does not kill us makes us stronger?” (Remember The Hulk!)
I never did find the fly to swat it later…

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Well, I don’t know how much microwave radiation a fly can take, but I do know that you are a cruel bastard!

Hmmm, I wonder how much a frog can take. I’ll be back later…


If your microwave is anything like mine then it has dead spots where there’s little radiation. My dead spot is in the center and is pop-tart shaped. Anyway, I think the fly crawled around until it quit hurting. When you opened the door it got the hell out.

whoa! the same thing happened to me. although it was one of those giant mosquito things.

i had just microwaved something for a few minutes, and when i opened the door i saw it!

i couldn’t believe that he was just hanging out in there.

i ended up not eating whatever it was i microwaved. he may have developed some super nuclear brain and decided to sabotage my food.

Well, microwave ovens heat up water, fats and sugars with a radio frequency of approx. 2,500 MHz (I’m quoting the frequency from memory here, so don’t razz me too much if I’m wrong.)

I’m sure a fly has in its body fats and sugars, and probably some water too (though I don’t know how much.)

There can also be spots that are more or less warm due to wave interference, so I would go with Mr Thin Skin’s explanation.

Cecil covered a question like this. See I nuked a roach. I’ve never been very happy with his answer, honestly.

I believe those large mosquito-like things are call crane-flies. My dad, mom, and brother are all entomologist, but I’m not.