Super Mario Bros. fans: Watch This Video!

You will laugh your ass off!

Warning: Lots of swearing.

This video has been posted here a couple of times, and I’ll say the same thing I have every time: I am amused not only by the commentary, but by the very interesting-looking Mario hack that is being played in this video. It is amazing what people with free time are able to do by hacking classic games.

Awwww damn, it’s been done?
Alright, carry on then. Nothing to see here folks.

That was actually the first time I’ve seen it, and I’m in stitches. My favorite parts are the blocks that pop up out of nowhere that makes him fall down.

I just finished watching the first stage. There’s one place where he gets a mushroom, up near the ceiling. The guy missed an opportunity to go up on the ceiling and bypass all the hazards. I wonder if that stage had a Warp Zone, or if it just would have been a dead end.

I’m having trouble with the frame rate though so it’s sort of aggravating to watch.

“This is fucking worse than reading YouTube comments!”

I actually began to cry from laughing so hard. I can’t remember the last time I did that.

Yeah, I’ve seen in posted here before but it’s never gotten old.

“Fuck you, Blooper!”

The upper blocks are said to be unbreakable.

Isn’t this the hack known as “Air” ?

I have seen a few home made levels. I wish Nintendo would release an editor for Mario… offically.

It is a hilarious video, but I recall from that last thread we had on this the guy doing to voiceover isn’t the guy actually playing the game. Too bad. I’d still like to hear him do some voiceovers for some other games though.

Heh, I find it pretty funny that a guy sat down and dubbed his own voice into the video. It adds a whole 'nother level of dorkitude.

“This is fuckin’ worse than an RL Stine book.”

You guys have seen Part 2, right? (you may have to speed it up a minute or so, as there seems to be some overlap from part 1)


I’m 7 minutes into it and I’m glad I don’t have speakers at work…I’m waiting for my boss to come over and see what it is I’m giggling about.

Those are some incredibly impossible levels, and the commentary was hilarious. He kept falling for the invisible blocks, so very very frustrating.

It was pretty funny but the guys Borat impression is irritating after a while.

I thought he sounded more like Christopher Walken.


“That was your fault. I’m gonna go with your fault Mario. I did the right input there, you fucked up”