Super thin "waif" model Kate Moss delivers a 6.5 lb big, bouncing baby girl!

ABC News- Wouldn’t it be something if you could grow an orange inside a cocktail straw?

Kate Moss has baby girl

I’m disappointed. My kids never bounced, not even when I coated them in galvanized rubber and… er, ah, never mind. :rolleyes:

Holy crap! I didn’t even know she was pregnant, yet two nights ago I had a random dream in which Kate Moss was about to give birth. I’m not shitting you.

Maybe I have some form of random and mundane clairvoyency?

What do they expect the new mom to be? Disgusted?

“Supermodel Kate Moss is said to be “relieved that the little s*** is finally out of there” after giving birth to…”

Baby girls don’t bounce! Baby boys bounce.

Maybe you heard it somewhere and didn’t really think about it, but somehow that little factoid got lodged in your subconscious. (At least that’s what I figure happens when you dream of somebody that seems really random.)

I wonder what she looked like pregnant? “Hey! There’s a stick attached to that ball!”

I don’t think 6.5 pounds is very large. In fact, it seems on the small size.

Then again, I was 9lbs 3oz. And my mom’s only 5’2" ish.

…she’s probably jealous of its weight…

a baby isn’t under wight until its under 5 lbs… small ppl have small babies. i’m 5’1 and my dad thinks that I would have a heathly 4lb baby. hes an RN It all really just kinda goes with your body.

I thought she had swallowed a grape. I guess I was wrong.

Is it true the baby’s head itself weighs 6 lbs?

Suggested baby nickname: “Pumpkin”

All kidding aside, congratulations to the family.

Jay Leno did a joke recently using Kate Moss.

birth kicks ass. women who give birth without intervention (except in emergencies) kick ass.