Super Trivia Challenge

My Co-Worker’s husband just did the World’s Largest Trivia Contest held by a Wisconsin radio station. During it, they were allowed to email questions to friends and family and see if they could help. The contest is now over, so I thought I’d put the challenge out to the dopers. I used a cheap hosting service for the pdfof the 22 pictures (#2 and #4 aren’t included).

I was able to figure out exactly 2 of them, 1 and 19. Each are assigned individual point values based on difficulty.

1-Chiquita Banana-10 points
3-Allene Roberts-225 points
5-Frank Lovejoy-20 points
6-Ernest Truex-155 points
7-Rolf Harris-30 points
8-Charlie Daniels-55 points
9-Gerardo Gonzalez-30 points
10-DX-35 points
11-Norman Mailer-0 points
12-Dynamite Dave-45 points
13-Sebastian Coe-15 points
14-Robert DeNiro-10 points
15-Laura Nyro-0 points
16-Viola Dana-185 points
17-Lightning Lance-40 points
18-Eel-105 points
19-Cartier Edition Continental Mark V-10 points
20-Abscessed Tooth-125 points
21-Celestine & William-25 points
22-Ronald Reagan-55 points
23-Jennifer Tilly-15 points
24-Zits-15 points

Good luck!

Ha! A friend of mine is from Stevens Point. The last couple of years, we’ve gone to her parents house and have played on their team during the contest.

It’s a fun way to spend the weekend, but the questions are just nuts.