The World's Largest Trivia Contest Kicks Off (again)...

Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends…

The World’s Largest Trivia Contest is about to start this weekend.

Click the link for info. I’ve asked for help on the picture questions in the past, but it required my describing the pics. Well, finally, I have them scanned and can e-mail them to Dopers who are into this type of thing. I can also send you info so you can play along with our team from wherever by listening on the net and IMing us.

There are 24 pics, ranging from cartoons (Johnny Bravo, Big Guy and Rusty, etc.) to movies to sports (George Halas) to stuff we have no clue on.

I have the pic files at work, but will send them to anyone who replies with interest at around 7am or so tomorrow.

C’mon guys, help a fellow Doper out…

Thanks in advance.

Jolly good! I’ll take a look!

How does Lawrence University’s trivia contest compare?

It has been mentioned in inetrnational news (in Japan IIRC).

If people are bored, I can mention some of the odd traditions…

Mr. C. they’ll be on their way to you shortly.

N9IWP - Lawrence has been around a little longer, but the UWSP one is far superior. I’ve heard questions at Lawrence to the effect of, “What Bible verse did I read at my sister’s wedding?”

Plus, at Lawrence teams can keep guessing until they get it right (and continue to “jam” the phone lines afterwards so other teams can’t get through). At UWSP, you get one chance, so you better be sure before you call.

I did a little research. Larry U is 3 years older. UWSP became the biggest in 1974

2002 LU final question:
Who knocked in the winning runs in the 2000 Busch Tournament Championship in Madison, Wis.?" The answer was Kent Palmer.

1998 LU final questions:
1.(349)(25 pts, 10 min) In 1681 a tract of land on which the towns of needham and wellesley both sit today
was purchased from Massachusettes indian tribal leader William Nehoiden for what price? A: 10
pounds, 40 shillings of corn, and 50 acres of land
2.(350)(25, 10) who bore the oriflamme at the battle of agincourt?
3.(351)(50, 10) Name the tugboat and captain that brought the Duluth and Iron Range 3 Spot from Duluth
to Two Harbors. A: CO Flynn, Ella G. Stone (?)
4.(352)(75,10) On Tues Aug 26 1856, 2 future VP, Henry Wilson and Hannibal Hamlin were in needham
MA for an event. Name the event and what the table was graced with? A: The freemont barbeque and
the table was graced with an ox roasted whole
5.(353)(the Super Garruda!!!)(100, 15) On April 19, 1979, Ray Bolt of Birmingham, England appearred on
BBC TV and performed an unusual action. What program and what did he do? A: Folded a life size
origami elephant using 5 people as fingers.

1999 final questions:
(25 pts) Who was the mystery guest on “What’s my line” on May 20, 1962? A: Edmund Hillary
(25 pts) Who was the dean of L’ecole Normale de l’assomption school for teachers in 1957 (tital, last name, first initial)? Monsignior R. DeMarias.
(50 pts) What was the headline of variety magazine on Wed oct 27, 1926? A: Vitaphone Thrills LA
(100 pts) In a room of the Escuela de Musica Popular de avellaneda in avellaneda near Buenos Aries Argentina, rodolpho mederos a bandoneon player tango orchestra he directs there is a piece of paper on the wall with the lyrics of a song on it. What is the song? A: El Poete Eschalentus etelante

Two other questions I remeber: (WARINIG: I may be misremebering)
During WWII Wimblton was used as an army base. During the innuguarion, some pigs wer roasted. What wer the name of the pigs and the guy who cooked them (Joey, Jenny and Mr Phelps)

What sign is posted on the west wall of suwbay (train?) station 17 in Amsterdam? (15,073 miles to Wall Drug)

(amazingly a team got both of these questions)


I’m up for pics and helping out, if I can!