Superhero weaknesses?

Anybody have a guide to the weaknesses of the DC and Marvel superheroes?

Making plans that we ought to know about?

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I do believe you can get ahold of Batman for the list of DC universe :wink: .

Superman – kryptonite
Wonder Woman – chocolate nut fudge
Batman – Dom Perrignon
Spider-Man – Raid
Black Orchid – Ortho Weed-B-Gone
The Flash – Godiva
Daredevil – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Daredevil
The Tick – Spoons
Super-Hip – Bob Hope
Robbie “Dial H for Hero” Reed – a busy signal
Wolverine – traps
Dr. Praetorius – cigars

Roy “Arsenal” Harper: Women

Seriously, though, Wonder Woman is helpless if tied up with her magic lasso. (I think because the lasso is unbreakable.) Also, she’ll lose her powers if her wrists are chained together by a man.

The current Green Lantern doesn’t have any weaknesses, but the previous one’s ring didn’t work against yellow objects, and the original Green Lantern’s ring didn’t work against wooden obejcts.

I can’t think of any weaknesses that Marvel heroes have, although I guess you could count Professor X’s paralysis as a weakness if you wanted to.

Professor X - Stairs. (Warning, Sound)

Also goes for his mentor Oliver ‘Green Arrow’ Queen. (Which is, actually a serious weakness for him. >_>)

Serious (well…semi-serious answers):

Superman, Supergirl, Power Girl, and any other Kryptonians that are hanging around: Kryptonite (Lethal) or red solar radiation (takes away their powers).

Mon-El/Valor/M’onel, Laurel Gand/Andromeda, and any other Daxamites that are hanging around: Lead (lethal) and red solar radiation (takes away their powers).

Ultra Boy (pre-ZH): Radiation (general, non-specific radiation) (Post-ZH/Threeboot): His own mighty ego.

Aquaman (Both versions): The inability to be out of water for more than an hour.

J’onn J’onnz: Fire - although it’s never been firmly established whether that was physical or psychological.

Green Lantern (Allan Scott): Wood.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, the rest of the GL Corps): None. Formerly, yellow objects.

GL Corps rookies: Yellow objects.

Superman- Kryptonite, Magic, Red solar radiation

Martian Manhunter- Fire

Green Lantern (Alan Scott)- Wood

Green Lantern (Green Lantern Corps members)- Yellow (used to be impossible, now handling yellow objects is only more difficult than handling yellow ones).

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)- Dead girlfriends and relatives. Also beaten homosexuals.

Aquaman (Orin)- Dehydration (at one point it was sixty minutes and he’s dead, that’s gone now, but he was still much more vulnerable than a normal human).

Aquaman (Arthur Curry)- Cannot breath air for very long.

Green Arrow (Ollie Queen)- A nice pair of legs.

Sue Dibny- Brad Meltzer

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)- Bullet to the head.

Note- Martian Manhunter, since the ‘Burning Martian’ storyline (one of my faves) is now only vulnerable to fire that has an ‘emotional content’. ie- an accidentally burnt piece of toast, or a calmly lit candle won’t hurt him, but an intentional arson or flamethrower blast will.

And i’m not sure whether Power Girl has a problem with kryptonite or not; was that sorted out in Infinite Crisis?

Captain Marvel* (original) = DC 's lawyers

  • Yes, I know he was Fawcett, not Marvel. It’s a joke.

Is that Godiva as in chocolate, or Godiva as in Lady, the world’s first Flash[er]?

You people have forgotten about Chocos? Shame!

sidles up to Homebrew Y’know, if you need a sidekick or something…

You can’t really use [del]Ore[/del]Chocos to get at him, though. Holding them hostage is a good way to anger him, and attempting to bribe him with them…well, J’onn’s never been above manipulating people’s brains.

As the Cartoon Network pointed out, Zan of the Wonder Twins could be beaten by a sponge.

“… it wouldn’t even have to be an EVIL sponge!”

The wrist chain thing (unless the retcon has been retconned again) hasn’t been in effect since the reboot in the mid-1980s.

Iron Man is an alcoholic, so that could be considered a weakness, although not one that’s easily exploited by enemies.

Thor used to be unable to be without his hammer for more than 60 seconds or else he’d revert to his alter ego of Donald Blake, but I think that’s long gone.

If a villain slaps a gag or otherwise silences one of the Marvels before they’re able to shout “Shazam!” then the Marvel in question is trapped in the body of a child/teenager with no powers.

A weakness few villains are able to exploit…although it happens surprisingly often given that.

Well, there’s an interesting (although not great, IMO) Justice League book called “Tower of Babel” you might want to check out. Long story short, Batman’s plans to take down the rest of the JLI are hijacked by villains*. They include:

-Shooting Plastic Man with liquid nitrogen, then hitting him with a hammer. Seriously, this shatters him into millions of tiny pieces (although apparently doesn’t kill him).
-Exposing Aquaman to a varient of the Scarecrow’s fear gas, thus giving him severe hydrophobia- either he dies of dehydration, or goes mad with fear from being forced to take the stuff.
-Shooting J’onn J’onnz with a missile containing millions of nanobots that bind to his skin, transmuting it into magnesium, which then bursts into flame when exposed to the air (apparently the MM never thought to fly into space, or anything like that).
-Shooting the Flash with a vibrating bullet. He tried to vibrate really fast to make it pass through him, but it got lodged on his spinal column, causing seizures which incapacitated him.
-Putting a microchip in Wonder Woman’s head that made her hallucinate she was fighting a foe who was exactly equal to her in abilities. So competitive that she could never surrender, the plan was for WW to die of a heart attack through the exhausation of “fighting” (pyschosomatica, apparently).
-Exposing Superman to a variety of kryptonite that Bats had worked on to shorten its half-life, making it less stable and the effects less deadly. In this case, it made his skin transparent, causing solar radiation to shine directly on his muscles.
-After discovering that Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern)'s greatest fear was going blind, implanting him with a post-hypnotic suggestion that made him hallucinate he couldn’t see. (This one seemed particuarly vindictive, since it was designed to be activated while Kyle was asleep- and considering that without the ring he’s just an ordinary human, why couldn’t Bats have sandbagged him?)

As for Batman himself, the villain* stole the bodies of his parents to distract him while they went to work on their plan. I’ve always thought of this as Batman’s “weakness”- his friends. The villains who have really hurt him (Joker, Bane, Joker, Ra’s, Joker, Hush, Joker) have done so by attacking those closest to him (the Gordons, Alfred, Tommy Elliot, the Robins).

Oh, also, Superman is vulnerable to hypersonics, and magic gives him a right pasting (Capt. Marvel once worked out he could beat Batman by shouting “Shazam” (in Cap. Form), then superspeeding through Superman so that the lightning would hit him, instead). Plus there’s all the colours of the kryptonite rainbow.

Take away the Atom’s size widget, and he’s pretty harmless- especially if you trap him in micro-form (man, how many of these is Frank Miller responsible for?). Same goes for many Marvel heroes- deprive them of their gadgets, and they’re sunk (Iron Man, most of the Wasp bunch). I reckon a good EMP could probably take out most of the android ones, as well (the Vision, for example).

*Ra’s AL’G’hu’L’, or however you spell that, in the middle of a particuarly crappy plot to take over the world.