Superheroes that don't exist but should..

i was just thinking about that movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and their comic superheroes, “Bluntman” and “Chronic”… what if they had like the " Redneck Avenger" or " The Road Rage Gang"…


or SuperPresident (goes around righting the wrongs of invalid election results).

How about Marley’s Angels and El Roacho? They go around helping pot-smokers in need…

I see Marley’s angels as a Charlie’s Angels sort of thing with Marley style dreds, great soundtrack, and of course lots of pot references.

As for El Roacho I haven’t thought that much about him I just like the name, which comes from a line in Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke, alot. It’s one of my AIM Screen names with a slightly different spelling.

**JunkMar Crusader **
Has made it his life’s work to rid the world of junk marketing. Swoops out of the sky, scoops up all the junk mail from town, then finds the executive responsible for sending it and rams it where the sun don’t shine. Also, picks up telemarketing staff and isolates them in the Crystal Twilght Zone where they can talk to each other for All Time but never reach Earth again.