Humorous "Superhero & Sidekick" names

I’ll start. How about:

Fatman & Beanpole

Laser & Dimbulb

The Rear Admiral & Cabinboy

I proposed this as a superhero character in my college video production class –

Jizzman – a super masturbator wih Super Sperm. Could shoot out threads that he could climb, or that could entangle criminals. He LOVED his work!

Jizzman was a loner!

Jacques Meehoff and his trusty steed, Scrotum.

Geoduck and Crowbar.

The Captain and Toenail.

Fork and Spoon.

Captain Dogbreath and Gingerbread Boy
The Elephant Man and The Donkey Kid (They never agree on ANYTHING)
The Co-dependant Duo

In a long stretch of boredom at work, a co-worker and I gave ourselves Superhero nicknames.

Captain Twinkie and his trusted sidekick Ho-Ho.

And yes, my work can get that boring.

“Batman and Robin”

Oh wait…

My husband and I have been known to refer to ourselves as;

“Captain Obvious Reference and his sidekick Cliche Girl!”

But when I think about it, our powers aren’t really that super.

And they always go up against their archenemy, Mack the Knife

The Millionaire and The Rest.

'Lil Shaver and Herr Cutt, the two bit heroes.

Major Map Folder and his trusty sidekick Papercut.

OCD and Counter.

Repeating myself from another thread:

She-male and He-woman, the transsexual avengers.

I don’t know if it gets much stupider than “Mister Scarlet and Pinky”…

and Fawcett really published their adventures!

I’m the creator of Green Arrow – Champion of all who must turn left!

Along with his trusty sidekick Crosswalk, they roam the countryside ridding us of bad drivers and helping little old ladies turn left.

I created him for an assignment I had to do in my Theatre Design class back when I was a Theatre Arts major.

Granted, I was more than a little “inspired” by the Green Lantern.