Name the hero/superhero/protagonist that the sidekick in question is paired with.
I’ll start with a tricky one, because it could have 2 answers: Dum Dum.

Fred Flintstone (The Great Gazoo [Gesundheit])

Easy one: Sim sim salabim.

Sorry, but Fred Flintstone wasn’t the GG’s sidekick, and that was just an insult and not what he was generally known as.

Touché Turtle.

Dum Dum was voiced by Alan Reed, the original voice of Fred Flintstone, BTW.

(God, I’m old.)

That’s correct.

Are we supposed to mention another sidekick when we give our response?


Wasn’t that something Hadji used to say in Jonny Quest?

And if I’m right, my entry is Weevil.

I would count that as a good guess to a bad clue, because the clue is supposed to be just the name of the side kick, not something he/she does or says.
And yes, after you name the hero/superhero/main protagonist, to continue the game you should give the name of the next sidekick.
edited to add: If it’s the same Weevil I’m thinking of, then the answer is Dirty Duck.

Baba Looey is my sidekick.

Quick Draw McGraw (aka El Kabong) had Baba Looey for the sidekick.

For at least one episode: Expendable Boy.

Are you perhaps referring to Expendable Lad?

Yep. I blame it on my increasingly faulty memory. “Lad” it is.

That’s o.k.-I’m kind of a Freekazoid when it comes to those cartoons.

The Spoiler is one of a long line of sidekicks that worked for this next character.

Next up, Zook.

2nd Answer: Nick Fury.



Doc Savage

New sidekick: Lothar

Zook- J’onn J’onzz(Martian Manhunter).
Lothar-Mandrake the Magician.

Next up-Woozy Winks.

Good catch.

Do you want Monk’s sidekick? That’d be Natalie or Sharona. Or did someone have a sidekick named Monk?

We should be orderly. Name a sidekick, answer the question, and name another one. Unless you answered the previous one, you don’t get to post.

I believe it was done correctly-Monk was the sidekick of Doc Savage, and the next sidekick was Lothar.

Woozy Winks? That would be Plastic Man.

Next: Ebony White.

And have you seen this site? It’s a lot of fun.