Who are your 3 favorite sidekicks of all time?

Who are your 3 all time favorite side kicks? This can be fictional characters (example: Robin - Batman) or real people (example: Ed McMahon - Johnny Carson) My favorite 3 are -

Bullwinkle - Rocky
George Costanza - Jerry Seinfeld
Ethel Mertz - Lucy Ricardo

Tonto—The Lone Ranger

Pancho—The Cisco Kid


Maynard G. Krebs / Dobie Gillis
Angel Martin / Jim Rockford
Artemus Gordon / Jim West

Jay Silverheels as Tonto.

Marty Feldman’s Eyegor to Wilder’s Young Frahnkensteen.

The Dead End Kids gang to Cagney’s Rocky Sullivan in Angels with Dirty Faces.

Sheriff Andy Taylor … Barney Fife

Fred Flintstone … Barney Rubble

Doug Flutie … Gerard Phelan

#3) Sancho Panza for Don Quixote. For demonstrating that while he played the fool, he actually had a lot of wisdom.

#2) Arthur for The Tick. Arthur: “I’m the sidekick!” Villain: “Alright, boys. Let’s kick him to the side!”

#1) Chewbacca for Han Solo. Let the Wookiee win.

Special mention to Dr. Watson of Sherlock Holmes.


Actually, R2-D2 is my favorite sidekick by such a wide margin I’m having trouble putting two more into the same category. I’ll have to get back to you.

Matthew the raven, sidekick to Morpheus, in The Sandman.

Paul d’Arnot, sidekick to Tarzan.

Captain, later Admiral Piett, sidekick to Darth Vader.

Spock - Kirk
Fiona - Michael Westen
Zoe - Malcolm Reynolds

Fred - Super Chicken
Kip - Zapp Brannigan
Baba Looey - Quick Draw McGraw (and El Kabong)

Samwise Gamgee.

Felix— Sarah Manning.

-George Costanza
-Jesse Pinkman

I have the same for the first two, but for #3 I’ll say Rhoda (Valerie Harper) to Mary Richards (MTM).

Andamo to Mr. Lucky.
Cpl. Agarn to Sgt. O’Rourke.
Bender to Fry. Or is Fry Bender’s sidekick?

In fact, I’m going to violate the rules of the OP and add Exidor to Mork.

Gabrielle of Xena and Gabrielle

Sally Kimball of Sally and Encyclopedia Brown

Shaggy of Shaggy and Scooby-doo.

ETA: Chewbacca was a very close 4th.

Jerry Hubbard, co-host for Barth Gimble

Concorde, from “…Holy Grail”

And…(snare roll)…easily the greatest sidekick/buddy of all time, Alfredo, in “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia”.

Dr. Watson - Sherlock Holmes

C-3PO - R2D2

Tonto - the Lone Ranger

Not necessarily my very favorite, but my very first thought was for the three guys in El Dorado backing up John Wayne: Bull, Sheriff Harrah, and Alexis Berdillion Trahern. (sp?)

Of all of John Wayne’s sidekicks, Bull is my favorite.

Was Archie Goodwin Nero Wolfe’s sidekick or vice versa?

Same question for Bertie Wooster and Jeeves.