Supermarket Chicken Taste

How do you duplicate the taste of supermarket deli counter chicken—the type that’s sold as a whole chicken in the black and clear plastic snap-shut clamshell? It’s very generic; the taste is the same at Costco, VONS, Albertsons, etc. To me, it tastes savory/umami-ish, similar to bouillon. Is it just butter and poultry seasoning?

It is, IMO, injected with some salty solution. Keeps it moist, but very salty.

On reading the thread decription, my first thought was: “salt.”

I love those things. They taste of chicken, salt, and a hint of black pepper. My clever wife can stretch one into three (two meals of meat, and soup from the bones).

I’d try brining a chicken, then baking it at a relatively high heat. That should get you the salty and juicy, along with the crispy skin.

Surprisingly enough, a cursory Googling shows that you all may be right—it appears to be as simple as just brining the chicken and maybe applying some lime juice and pepper.

And it should be a smallish, thin chicken, not a 6 pound chunky roaster. Which is too solid and meaty, something you have at Grandma’s for Sunday dinner.

There is a rub that is sold in Kroger that you can put on a chicken and then do a “beer can” style of cooking and you will end up with the flavor of the rotisserie chicken.

The amusing thing is that I bought a jar of the rub, liked it, went back to buy another jar of the rub and when I picked it up one of the employees of Kroger said, “Oh, did you know that’s the stuff we use on the rotisserie chickens?”

I can’t remember the brand, though.
ETA: Okay, that was easy to find. McCormick Grill Mates Chicken Rub

God I hate the taste of grocery store rotisserie chickens. It’s salty, and mushy, and artificial tasting. It’s not just a normal salt brine, it has some other crap in it as well. Fred Meyer does it to all their pork as well. I can’t use the pork in my cooking without ruining the dish.

As for spices, my store has several varieties from BBQ to Herb.

I read the label. They add chicken fat to those things.

That’s what I was going to say - a good bit of schmaltz (sp?)