Supernatural 1/5: Sex and Violence

…That was one of the yummiest, slashiest, most pandering episode of television I have ever seen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kripke knows his audience.

Oh, and Bobby is the ultimate Deus ex machina.

They are so due to return to the main storyline.

I liked the episode, but it’s been too long since they had Castiel and the main storyline. They always connect the story to the main themes, but we really need an episode with the main bad and good guys.

Was there a preview for next week on your local stations? I just saw a preview for Cupid.

None for me. I took it to mean that next week is a rerun

Castiel is good, but I’m more interested in what Sam and Ruby are up to - and frankly, I like these side episodes a lot better than the season storyline ones. When you weigh, for example, “Wishful Thinking” and “Sex and Violence” against “Heven and Hell” and “Are You There God?”, give me unrelated fun any day.

Isn’t February a sweeps month? Why would it be a rerun next week?

I loved the shot of Bobby’s 17 “official” phones.

I just got into this series around Halloween (and loved the scene where the teddy bear came to life and tried to kill himself; another fave was the “Eye Of The Tiger” lip-synching by Dean). I am struggling to catch up with all the backstory but this is quickly becoming a fave on the DVR.

Although I’ve usually got to record it and then watch it later to catch all the BFF language in there. I’m not hip on much of the lingo. But I’m an old dude. (I especially liked Dean’s reference to the incestual kids in last week’s episode “straight out of an Austrian headline” quote.)

I must say, these boys do get a lot of action. And I’m not talking about hunting.:wink:

…or am I?:smiley:

I loved this episode. If it were up to me, though, all episodes would be single cases and they’d drop most of the “main storyline” BS. The case episodes are what first drew me to this show in the first place—it reminded me of the old X-Files, before they ruined it with conspiracy theories. I really hope Supernatural doesn’t go too far in that direction. Castiel makes me zone right out.

“Strippers!” Too! Damn! Funny!

And has there EVER been a doctor that hot?

I must be slipping, because even tho I thought there was something hinky with the FBI agent, I didn’t anticipate that he was the siren.

Question - what exactly did the sirens get out of having the guys off their wives/moms? Did they explain that?

It has felt odd, tho, that 3 weeks ago or so Sam left Dean in a hotel and drove off with Ruby. Really seems to have been left hanging.

I still think that the doctor is ALSO a siren, the stripper siren and the fbi siren looked different in the mirrors… there was one male looking siren and 1 female looking siren… We will see the siren again, mark my words=)

Yeah, we thought they both were sirens and were kind of surprised that there wasn’t anything further with the doctor.

I think the doc was just a red herring. They said during the course of their investigating that sirens tend to be loners - there probably wouldn’t be two in the same town.

I really liked this episode (nothing beats gratuitous shirtless Sam), but I’m left feeling vexed. So their respective grievances have been aired (sort of) but they’re clearly not going to talk about anything and who knows what going to happen one of them does something the other doesn’t like … gah.

I am really annoyed that we’re not going to be getting a new episode next week, can you tell?

And no new episode until March 5th.


Sheesh, are the ratings so bad that they’re ditching Februrary sweeps?

February sweeps are being held in March this year because of the digital TV transition (which has now been moved to June). The show’s ratings actually are higher than last year’s, and not bad at all for the CW. It’s one of the network’s top-rated shows, and going up against Grey’s Anatomy and The Office/30 Rock would be tough on any show.

[Ed McMahon voice] I did not know that.[/Ed McMahon voice]

Thank for that information.

Ah, this makes sense. Thanks for the info. regarding the moved sweeps.

I assume they will return to Castiel and so forth in March.

I like the little jokes – like the three stripper versions of the siren being named Jasmine, Ariel and Belle.

Which I did not get to this minute.:smack:

And if I remember correctly, the fourth stripper (the one we actually saw) was Aurora.

I did not notice this either. :slight_smile: