Supernatural Season 8 Ongoing discussion(spoilers as it airs)

Yeah, it’s kind of come to this. We don’t get enough discussion going to really warrant a thread every week, so I thought I’d make a season thread for Supernatural this year.

Two episodes have aired at this point and I have to say, I have liked both of them pretty much.

Looks like Dean abandoned Castiel in Purgatory, so that is setting up some tension for later in the season.

In episode two, though, I did not like how easy it was to beat Crowley in the auction. Kevin’s Mom puts up her soul and defeats him? Yeesh.

By the way, I like that they made Kevin Tran’s mother an American instead of going with the stereotypical accented Asian-mom trope. Sure they called her a Tiger-Mom, but she kind of was. And what a cool character she turned out to be.

Balls! As Bobby would say. I keep thinking it’s on Fridays so I missed it last night.

My cable provider is still fighting with the CW so I have to watch online and haven’t caught the second episode yet. But last week I got the impression that Dean either sold out Castiel or killed him as part of the process of getting out of Purgatory.

As of now what happened to Castiel is still unclear, although Dean certaqinly feels guilty about whatever it was.

The way things ended in the second episode does make me wonder what happened to Cass. A friend and I were talking and she was thinking maybe he was part of the way out of purgatory. She was also saying she has a feeling that if they get the tablet and figure out how to close the gates of Hell, this will be the last season. So far Dean seems extra violent and I have to say I miss Bobby loads more than I thought I would.

Kevin’s mom was great. I hope she makes another appearance this season.

One theory io9 has is we might be seeing more Pagan gods this season. Which I think would be great. It makes sense, seeing as the only reason for the cold open was for that guy to get Thor’s hammer.

This story line is supposed to get them through season 10. Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have agreed to continue for another two seasons (provided they get renewals, of course).

Cool, where did you read that?

Tonight was “Heartache”, episode 3 of the 8th season.

It was…well, OK. A standalone with nothing all that remarkable, aside from a last minute peek of Sam’s girlfriend. Who may be evil.

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki confirmed season 9 & 10 at the SPN Convention in New Jersey

I liked it. Hey… Alan Ackles was listed in the opening credits. Pops, no doubt?


Yep it’s his dad, he played Detective Pike in that episode.

This week’s episode wasn’t one of my favorites. It reminded me of the Ghostfacers episodes and I wasn’t a fan of those at all. I saw loads of people posting on twitter about how amazing it was and heartbreaking but I wonder are they just saying that stuff to get retweeted.

So we got another found footage kind of episode, similar to Ghostfacers, but not a comedy.

I thought it worked pretty well, but I always feel episodes take up valuable space. We don’t get Sam and Dean much and nothing happens with the core story. Still, it wasn’t bad.

Not enough Sam and Dean for my tastes, but still okay overall as a standalone, somewhat reminiscent of season 2’s “Heart.”

Did anyone see the Halloween ep?


Is there a new ep tonight?

Yes, with Garth.

I’m starting to like Garth a bit more even though it creeps me out to look at DJ Qualls.