Supernatural 1/6: Adventures in Babysitting

Sam helps a teen; Dean wants to find Dick Roman.

Decent episode so far.

Did Bobby drink Dean’s beer?

I hadn’t even considered that. I hope so.

Did anyone get the impression that this episode was trying to channell “True Grit”? The young girl saving the day, even impresses Dean. She even looked a little like Hailee Steinfeld. Just sayin’.

It was an OK episode for me, but not particularly memorable, though the girl’s voice was somewhat alarming, as it sounded much…I dunno, older than I expected. Looks like next week’s episode sends Dean back in time again. Could this be the doing of an angel…?

Didn’t a Fate drink someone’s beer in much the same way in an ealier episode?

I kinda hope it’s Bobby, though, because it just wasn’t the same without him. Frank or whatever his name is just won’t fit that bill for me. I’d rather have Bobby and his old books to RV guy with his technology.

And please, for the love of all that is holy, won’t someone please shave off Sam’s sideburns? Think of the children!!!

Could be.

It’s been announced that Castiel is coming back.

I didn’t rewind to check, but did we actually see Dean’s beer before it was empty or just Sams? There were some other time based incidents in the ep, so maybe something else is happening. 4 days vs 4 weeks, Dean sleeping more than 24 hrs, etc.

The girl could’ve been interesting, but I don’t think the actress was really able to pull it off.