Supernatural 2/3: The Slice Girls

Sam and Dean investigate a series of gruesome crimes: the victims’ hands and feet have been severed and the bodies have been branded.
Somehow, Dean manages to pick up a woman in a bar.

Well, I guess Dean’s next.

I’m not a woman, but I can’t imagine that would be difficult for him.

Good episode I thought. And Sam saved Dean from fillicide. (Is there a word for niece-icide?)

Egad next week’s episode looks creepy. I hate evil clowns.

So…are we to believe Bobby is indeed a ghost and is helping them? Is it the flask?

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I’m not a woman, but I can’t imagine that would be difficult for him.

I just marvel at the way he finds the time to hook up at all.

I said to my husband - “Knowing Bobby, he stashed a vial of his own blood in the house or something.” Yup, I think Bobby is helping the boys out.

I really hope they’re going to leave Dean’s drinking alone - he’s a hunter who expects to die (again) any day - if he wants to drink in all his down time, what the hell?

My favourite lines - “You’re just as screwed up as I am. You’re just…bigger.”
“I don’t know!”


I was expecting the professor to somehow be involved with the amazons. Guess I’m still too used to thinking of him as evil from Buffy.

As soon as we heard his voice, we knew it was the Mayor. I expected him to look at the Winchesters and say:

“Now, boys…watch the language.”

There was a line when they were questioning the same thing “but we burned …” - so, if it is Bobby - he’s breakin’ the rules.

Or left part of his body(a hair or something) elsewhere. It happened with those dolls made out of kids real hair and that lock of hair that Dad kept of the kid who was bullied(and who bullied in return).

Weren’t both of those cases with ‘additional’ help? - I’m sure there are bits of bobby spread all over that van along with elsewhere over time - point being that unless they are pulling a fast one, Bobby should be gone and they are forgetting that Casteil ‘could’ return.

Can you do it yourself? Could Bobby have somehow kept something of himself around? If not, perhaps someone else did for him(without him knowing). Maybe Rufus did something to Bobby’s flask or something.

Well, hopefully they’ll come up with a clever way for Bobby to still hang out with them, even after his bones were burned. He was always a couple of steps ahead of everyone else.

Hey, that brings up another question - did Sam or Dean leave a body behind when they died? I don’t think Sam did (his body was in hell, I suppose) - did Dean’s body get dragged to hell, too?

Yes, literally. Dragged screaming by hellhounds at the finale of Season 3.

I thought Dean was buried because Sam was going to try and resurrect him. The first time Sam died, he was resurrected very quickly, so no burning. The second time, I think his body went in the pit.

Dean did. Bobby wanted to burn the body after the hellhounds made puppy chow out of it, but Sam wouldn’t let him. Sam buried the body and spent months trying to bring him back, but none of the demons would make a deal.

They talk about it in the episode where Dean first returns.

As for Sam, Cas brought him back the very same day he jumped into the pit. I forget the exact episode, but they discuss it near the beginning of season 6.