Supernatural 4/19 Of Grave Importance

Back to the roots of the story, with ghosts.

Is Annie new or is she that…uh, sheriff/cop lady that liked Bobby?

I think Dean’s got a lot of gall talking about the “natural order or things” - says the guy who has been brought back from the dead, seen his brother brought back from hell, etc…

Get over yourself Dean. Let ghost Bobby help you.

I’ve been looking forward to this a while, hate that I had a bunch of kids in the house all of a sudden. I will def hav to go back and rewatch it!

To be fair, he was brought back without breaking the rules. An angel did that. However, he did bring back Sam, which is totally hypocritical.

I think she’s new. The sheriff’s name is Jodi.

I didn’t quite understand how Bobby materialized. Was it just a matter of gaining in power?

And apparently the ghosts in the house never got visited by a reaper; I can’t imagine they’d have stayed there voluntarily.

Very sad scene at the end in the car, with Ghost Bobby hearing everything.

Yeah, that scene was really what started my “oh no he di-in’t” with Dean, because it hurt Bobby’s feelings. Completely unnecessary!! He’s willing to bend the laws of nature for his brother but not his surrogate father? Please.

Ugh - this is stupid. I love this show and have no idea why it’s making me so mad over this.

And how dare they have a scene where Dean is taking a shower and not show Jensen Ackles shirtless? That’s just mean.

See, I think differently. If anyone has the right to speak about the natural order of things, it’s Dean.

Between the angels and demons using his family and friends like pawns, his dad, his granddad, his mom, him, and Bobby making deals with demons, with Sam drinking demon blood, after being a vampire, a ghost, and Death himself, no one knows more about just how wrong it is to go against the natural order of things than Dean.

He’s lecturing Bobby because he cares. He knows what’s going to happen to Bobby if he keeps on as a ghost, and he doesn’t want Bobby to suffer that way.

You know, I do feel like Dean should have been more gentle with Bobby, but I’m also seeing Dean’s side here, because I get that he’s sad and angry and just plain hurt about this, that he both loves Bobby and wants what’s best for him *and *he selfishly doesn’t want this on his conscience. I mean, it’s easy to say “let ghost Bobby help you” but what do you do with ghost Bobby after that? Bobby has saddled them not only with the knowledge that he’s given up heaven (presumably) for them, but that when he inevitably starts to lose his shit, it will be their job to deal with it. As favors go, this one’s got more strings than it’s worth.

Now, from Bobby’s perspective, he wanted to help the boys of course, but I’m thinking this was also purely selfish. I don’t think Bobby took it for granted that he’d go to Heaven, and since he knows for a fact that there is a very unpleasant Hell, perhaps he figured that the blinking out of existence that being “ghost-killed” brings might be his best option.

Now onto the more practical issues with this ep. Why would a ghost who we’d already seen kill both people and other ghosts just by sticking his fist in their chests and growling suddenly bother to actually burn the bones of one of the ghosts, and take a ride with Sam and Dean? Especially when killing them off-premises would make it impossible for him to hide the bodies and bind them to the house? I mean, I’m generally willing to suspend my disbelief to cruising altitude for this show, but that was some egregiously sloppy writing.

Hmm, your points do have merit , what with me not drinking beer right now and all…

As for the last point - I have really got to go back and watch. Spontaneous emergency babysitting (me vs 7 kids) led to some spotty watching. Of course that led to the also aforementioned “dear god I need a beer” after everyone was gone. :slight_smile: