Supernatural 10/23

So what did everyone think? I loved it. This is what Supernatural does best – episodes that are both dark and funny all at once. Plus, scaredy cat Dean was both adorable and hilarious and mysterious. Why did he get infected, anyway?

“…and the truck stop waitress with the bizarre rash!”

And the special “Eye of the Tiger” ending! God, this show is so much fun!

Ahem. Discard the “both” from the fourth sentence. I must have still been dizzy from Dean’s adorableness.

I loved it too. It was a good balance of the ghost stuff and the funny stuff. Dean screaming after finding the kitten in the locker was probably my favorite part. I also loved the opening, where it seems like a standard scary opening and like he’s running from hellhounds, and then you see that it’s a tiny little dog with a pink bow in it’s hair.

I was a little annoyed that they didn’t realize that the sheriff was infected earlier, since he was so pathologically afraid of germs, but I figure it’s best to not start nitpicking the plot and just go with it.

Man, I thought last week would be the breather episode before they cranked up the angst to 10,000 this week. I loved being proved wrong. :smiley:

I kind of want to do unspeakable things to Jensen Ackles, like maybe fold him up and put him in my pocket and carry him around with me. And is it just me, or did Sheriff What’s-his-face look vaguely familiar?

I think the same actor played a trooper who arrested House and Wilson in this week’s ep of House. Weird.

Yeah - this is a fun show. The scream was a hoot! And he sure rocked that leg-guitar!

My husband and I loved this episode, too. I rarely laugh out loud at television shows, but this episode had me laughing out loud repeatedly. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I’m completely in love with Jensen Ackles. Both my husband and I would love to see him in more stuff.

Because he’s kind of a dick! :smiley:

(When LittleGirlLillith showed up, I was really, *really *hoping that’s what she’d say when he asked “Why me?” Just for the funny. Does that make me a terrible person?)

There was nothing I didn’t love about that episode. Jensen Ackles was fantastic, screaming at the cat in the locker, running from the factory, looking twitchy, and delivering my favorite line from the episode “I’m not gonna make a left turn into oncoming traffic Sammy, I’m not suicidal! … Did I just say that? That’s kind of weird.”

I also lovedlovedloved his hallucinations when he was reading about the ghost sickness. You’re dying. Again. Loser.

And the Eye of the Tiger thing at the end was priceless.

At the end, when Lilith said, “You know why you’re infected,” and Dean got this (even more so) wide eyed look, I thought it meant that he actually got infected for reasons other than being a dick.

I loved that too. I’m not sure why I love low-self-esteem Dean so much, but I do.

I loved loved loved the whole thing. Smallville was pretty good too, but this was gangbusters. Bobby speaking Japanese, the evil eye flicker, and one of my favorite lines: “I don’t wanna be a clue!”

So there was an evil eye flicker! I thought maybe it was my TV.

In case you can’t get enough of lip-synching Dean

If you’re an Angel fan, he played Sahjaan (or however you spell it), so you might have recognized the voice more than the face.

Hell, he even worked in the “sickness itch”. Man’s grade-A awesome.

What a great episode. I’m not the one one whose brain was turned to mush by the impulse to protect adorable!Dean, right? I’m not usually affected that way by people over the age of ten, but… that’s excellent writing right there.

Least any one wonder (as I did at first) if they’re straying from the season 1 promise to only have them investigate “real” monsters and myths, there really is such a concept as ghost sickness.

I was thinking maybe guilt/feeling guilty about something. Dean’s a perpetual guilt machine.

I loved the Eye of the Tiger scene.

I just now got to see this one since we have to wait to watch these until they’re on the CW site since our CW affiliate isn’t on cable any longer. Jerks.