Superships and Tinfoil Hat Conspirists

I meant to post this site yesterday, but forgot.

I had had this crazy site bookmarked for a while. It promised to tell about something really important on March 8, 2003. Well, here it is, and according to the author someone is building a ‘supership’ called Ark II on top of a mountain in Australia in preparation for some cataclysmic flooding. He gets tis information from the distorted photographs he claims to have found and developed (photos are on the site).

As if this wasn’t weird enough, there’s a site called that is holding a competition as to what product is being advertised on the 8March site. Of course, the author of the 8March site says that they’re the ‘opposition’ and are trying to discredit him (as if that was hard).

I just think this is one of the bizarrest things ever. Any thoughts?

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Wasn’t there a site like this that turned out to be a guy pushing a book he was writing? There was so much buzz about it, he had to 'fess up and shut down the site.

I had seen the 8 March site previously and had forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me.

The content of both sites reminds me of a book by Clive Cussler, concerning some Neo-Nazi types who are intent on destroying the world by flooding it. Their preparations include building 4 or 5 “Superships” for them and their followers to live on until the Earth became habitable again.

Obviously this is some sort of publicity stunt for either a book or a movie.