A had heard that this superthive stuff was abolutely outstanding for stressed plants so I tripped down to the local nursery to get some. I must say I was more than a little turned off by what I found. I regularly buy Safer, Ortho, and MiracleGro products. Each of which has a fairly professional, cut and dry product description of the products benefits.
The Superthrive bottle OTOH had a distinct As-seen-on-tv snake oil look to it.
The front mentions a $5000 guarantee, the back has a nice “non-waratee” clause that says the producers will not be held responsible for results.

The a grammar on the bottle was very poor (worse than mine) and they claim to have been #1 for 60 years, yet I couldn’t find a similar product by another brand.

So what I’m guessing is that this junk is sugar water that is in no way worth what I payed for it.

Anyone out there think that this is not going to be the case?

Check out this Google search, falcon2:

Seems that there have been questions regarding the “snake-oil” appearence of the bottles before. But it’s been going since at least 1940, when it won a prize at the World’s Fair that year. Just dilute it very well – folks apparently swear by it.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

I deal with professional greenhouse and nursery growers for a living. None of them (that I know of) are dumb enough to fall for that kind of pure hype.

Where’s the M.S.D.S.? Where’s the analysis? Where’s the university studies?

Hahaha. I initial tryied a search on yahoo, but that just came up with a musical band by the same name. But according to the google search, I am not the only incredulous one. Check this out: