Supporting Characters who stood out

In many movies both good and bad, there is sometimes a supporting character who captures your imagination and made you want to learn more about them, beyond whatever was said in the movie. The best example of this that I can think of is Boba Fett, whose cult of personality just EXPLODED from a brief appearance and who was not, from all accounts, supposed to be important at all.

Who are your picks?

Every character ever played by Joan Blondell, Thelma Ritter, Eve Arden, Edward Everett Horton, Charlotte Greenwood, Skeets Gallagher, Margaret Dumont, S.Z. Sakall . . . [someone tackles Eve and tapes her typing fingers together]

Ladies and gentlemen brace yourselves.

Normally when you have a culture clash like we have between the first two posts in this thread we can sometimes experience violent weather. Last year when someone mentioned Jerry Lewis and Marcel Marceau in consecutive posts, we had a small twister. I hesitate to think about the ramifications of a Boba Fett/Margaret Dumont juxtaposition.

As you were.