surgical penis/finger thing MUST be fake, right? Please?

This can’t be real. I mean, I don’t believe it. Can someone debunk it for me?

Hmmm…, puts a whole new perspective on giving someone the finger.

Yeah, one girlfriend being happy with it I can imagine, but two? No way :wink:

NO it wasn’t fake…it was actually done it was all over the news in texas…not just on rippley’s believe it or not…Just another fact, he still has full use of the second joint in his penis/finger which means he can wiggle it at you!!!(yuck) They also took some fat from his thighs and replaced it around his penis/finger to make it wider. Not to mention he as full capabilities of pleasing a woman on the wiggling issue. Yes i think it extremely gross…and can’t believe some one actually did it! I hope this answers your question.

Erm. It is, after all, still just a finger, so I doubt it is going to bring our poor protagonist any great amount of pleasure. As for pleasing his girlfriends, could not the finger have been inserted from its traditional locale?

The only other hits I get all refer back to the Ananova article. Without further info, I find it hard to believe - no, I’ll go further and say I find it impossible to believe.

It certainly has the earmarks of a hoax. According to the site, the story was filed 15 February 2001, and the operation would have taken place at least 12 months before that. Like Ringo, I find no information on the net except obvious references back to the Ananova article - not even to the supposed surgeon Ivan Kusanov. It’s impossible to believe that such an operation could have actually taken place, and been publicly announced, without drawing much more attention from a wider range of sources.

In any case, the operation is inherently extremely implausible, and details such as the guy’s “two girlfriends” make it sound even more like a joke.

…And the fact that it was his ‘middle finger’.

But a search through Snopes turns up only stories of severed fingers and severed penises, but no stories about the two of them being swapped.

I posted the link and a query on their message board, let’s see what turns up…

Do you realize that the muscles that bend your fingers are actually in your forearms? Where exactly would they have attached the tendons of the finger so that it could be wiggled?

This wiggling thing is completely impossible.

I’m very skeptical.

First, the operation doesn’t make a lot of sense. There are inflatable penile prostheses commonly available and the middle finger is important. Penile cancer is rare and if ampuitation was required, more widespread excision probably would be as well. The finger would not be able to flex, since the finger normally does this via tendon attachments attaching to proximal muscles in the wrist area… there is no equivalent in the pelvis, and if there was, bending the finger would interfere with urination if the tube was somehow hooked up to the urethra. It would be very hard to reattach nerves from the finger to the pelvis… without proper sensation the finger could become easily damaged during sex. In short, the story makes no sense.

      • What a moron. He shoulda used a leg. - DougC

Plus-how could he have an orgasm? He wouldn’t have the same sensation, would he?

lmao dougc,

btw I agree there is something fked up with that. If it’s not a hoax then it’s a dumb idea. There is virutally nothing to gain and a finger to use by using a finger-penis rather than a skingraft over a prothestic device.

How could he seeing as he has to use a glove instead of a condom?

3500 pounds for a 17-hour cosmetic surgery sounds way too cheap too, doesn’t it?

The article says “…the finger-penis ‘works perfectly well as a sex organ’.”

I say like hell it does. Penises have specialized tissue. No glans with its hypersensitive nerve endings means no orgasm. No expandable volume to allow engorgement means no erection.

With all due respect, hunnybunnie, the claims you relate are even more ridiculous. All over the news in Texas, and yet no one else in the nation heard about it? Able to wiggle it, with no appropriate nerve, muscle, or bone in the area? Made wider by packing with fat, when there’s very finite room in the skin? C’mon.

>> Story filed: 18:24 Thursday 15th February 2001

I think April 1st is the correct date

I saw this on Ripley’s.
On one of the wire-frame diagrams of the hand in question, someone had inserted the phrase “All of your ____ are belong to us.”. I think the word I missed might have been “penis”.