Surprise wedding dances

When did this all start? The most famous is probably Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Here’s another Michael Jackson dance. A little techno. And some dirty dancing from across the pond.

Any more good ones out there?

I love the Dirty Dancing one! I was laughing and crying all through it! They must have had such fun getting that all together.

I, on the other hand, would leave the wedding party if the bride suggested such a thing. Even if I’m the groom.

This sort of tacky “we need something special” one-upmanship mentality is just one symptom of how overboard weddings have gone, how it really is all about planning for one freaking afternoon, but spending life together afterward is an afterthought.

Ribbon wands for the guests, unusual guest gifts/centerpieces, “the candle ceremony,” “the sand ceremony,” the execrable Cha Cha Slide. It’s all tacky crap. Some bridezilla demanding her entire wedding party poorly dance to Thriller because it was cute when it spontaneously happened in “13 Going On 30” is just a new low.

Sorry about the bile, but this really gets to me. We had a nice, classy wedding last June. People talk about how nice it was. We didn’t force anybody to do anything, and everybody found something to do that suited them. We had wedding party members choose us instead of other invites (as wedding party members) because we weren’t going to treat them like accessories.

We’ve been do a half dozen other weddings in the past year and a half, and barring one or two other good, understated weddings, with all of the bloat, they’ve been boring, self-indulgent bad jokes.

If dancing is what they want to do, I don’t see the harm. It’s hardly the same as having hysterical fits over whether the bridesmaids dresses should complement or contrast with the napkins… Who says anyone was pressured? Everyone I saw in those clips was smiling. Good on them! Maybe everything else about the wedding was very simple… Sheesh…

A couple I know didn’t rope in the wedding party, but they learnt the dance from Pulp Fiction. They had a wonderful time learning it together and gave us a great treat, and something other that the usual weepy dance to ‘Lady in Red’.

I really loved the second Michael Jackson one. So sweet!

Hey, if you’re a dancer, or really love dancing, and you can pull something like this off, I say go for it. I’m totally against forcing anyone to do it, but it didn’t look forced in any of these. I agree that it’s better than the usual awkward swaying to a sappy song that we’re usually forced to sit through. I don’t think it lacks class to have a little fun with your first dance. However, never try to make me do the Cha-Cha Slide. Just–don’t.

I had no idea people were doing this. The Dirty Dancing one was really cute, that kind of thing only really works if the people know how to dance. That guy has to be a dance instructor or something (or maybe that’s just my dirty fantasy, lol).

Haha sorry… wrong thread!

Hee! I’ve never heard of any of these, and all of them cracked me up. Thanks for sharing!

My favorite. They look like a couple of nice kids who wanted to give their guests a little treat, and it sounds like it was greatly appreciated.

Zheesh. Some people like to have a little campy fun. Relax. I have to listen to the Cha Cha slide about 30 or 40 times a year, so I understand what you’re saying. I prefer classy, understated weddings myself (to me, about 50 people is an ideal guestlist), but big weddings can be fun if you don’t go into it with such a cynical and judgmental attitude. And, let me tell you, it’s not usually the bride and groom requesting the Cha Cha or Electric slides–it’s the guests. They eat it up.

I liked the dirty dancing one, but I was disappointed that they didn’t actually make the lift at the end.

It seems like a lot of fun. I could see doing something like that for my wedding. I’m a dancer and a bunch of my friends are, too, so it would probably be easy for me to put together.

Some of my friends are ballroom dance instructors, and a substantial portion of their business is from couples wanting to have a nice choreographed first dance for their weddings. For people who already know how to dance (and enjoy it), it seems totally natural to put a nice performance together.

They did make it earlier in the song though - the groomsmen helped lift her up so the groom could hold her. It thought that was kind of cute, actually. :slight_smile:

Lighten up, Francis. Everybody looked like they were having a ball, and I have to admit, it’s the first time I ever got choked up watching a video of someone’s wedding. I thought it was great.

You know, there is a difference between a wedding and a marriage. A wedding does take place on one afternoon.

And hey, after all the trouble a guest goes through to take time off, travel, buy a gift, why not give something back to them in the form on entertainment.

As to where this started, well, it may be my fault.


I get married. The reception is held at this nice large restaurant in Saratoga NY. There is an area that has an ‘outside’ feel, even though it is indoors and, over the main table, there is a balcony that overlooks the reception area. Now two of my groomsmen were, and still are in fact, gay.

So when the dance remix of ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ come on, the three of us, head up to the balcony and we do it. No not that, we perform the scene from Evita. Well Michael and I did, Joe stood to one side to play the part of dignatary, but Michael and I did twin Evita Perons up there.

It was a huge success.

I love those! I don’t think it’s about “one-upmanship”, the couples wanted to do something fun at their reception. Isn’t that the point of a reception, that it’s the party after the ceremony? I’m sure my guests would have liked seeing a fun dance instead of watching me and my husband clutch each other and sway around the floor for 3 minutes, which is what we did because neither of us can dance. If I were in a wedding party that was asked to do this, I certainly wouldn’t have to be forced. I would be excited!

At my wedding, there was a spontaneous “Pee-Wee Herman dance”, which everybody thought was hilarious and added to the joyful, celebratory nature of the evening. Sheesh, receptions can be playful and funny, it doesn’t make them tacky to be something other than “toast-dinner-dance-cake-thanksforthegiftsseeyaaraound”.

Hear, hear! Another symptom of Bridezilla Syndrome. If the bride isn’t getting enough attention on her day, this is a way of saying HEY, LOOK AT ME!! I go to weddings to celebrate a very special day with family and friends…not to be “entertained”.

Can you imagine signing up to be a member of the wedding party…and then receiving your schedule for mandatory dance lessons? Screw that.

Slightly related…Some friends arranged for a piper to show up at our wedding reception. Caught us completely by surprise; after all these years I don’t remember what songs he played, but two of the guests did an impromptu Highland Fling, and at one point the piper led everyone in a circle around the dance floor. It was great fun, and I’m sure the DJ we’d hired appreciated the break.

I guess the two cousins that had the reception in small bars, is the opposite of this. I suppose everybody could have been forced to do shooters to participate in the theme. I didn’t like those two receptions by the way either. Something in between is about perfect.

Holy crap, if I thought this would actually happen at a reception, I might actually look forward to weddings. The techno robot one about made me cry laughing. They’re having a blast- isn’t that what a party is all about?

When my husband and I got married ( and had a very informal party afterwards), he announced that it was time for “our dance”, hit random on the CD shuffle and our song was “Fortunate Son” by CCR. So we danced to it and that’s that. It was fun, it was funny, and 10 years later we’re still happy and having fun.

I don’t necessarily think it’s an example of the Bridezilla syndrome. Everyone’s going to be looking at you anyway during your first dance, you’re the only 2 people dancing. If you’ve got the confidence and the moves, why not give your guests a show instead of a boring, sway-in-a-circular-motion dance?

I loved the robot one.