Surprising height!

Political views aside please, I’d just like to note that I never knew Bill O’Reilly was 6’4". Who else were you surprised to learn how tall or short they were?

Julia Child-- how tall was she?

I just found out that Angela Bassett is only 5’4" and I read a source that said that height is in heels. That really surprises me; she looks so imposing on the screen. I’m taller than her…

Various sources place her at somewhat over six feet. In this article she claims to be 6’2".

Val Kilmer is said to be around six feet but I’ve been almost face to face with him and I swear he isn’t any taller than I am (5’10"), and indeed, he seemed shorter. I agree that Angela Basset always seems a lot taller; it’s all in the way the camera shoots them, though. Welles always looked like a towering giant–I would have guessed him to be around 6’4" or taller, but he was actually just 6’1", and even at his heaviest he wasn’t John Candy sized. (He wore padding and makeup to appear more corpulent in Touch of Evil.)

Don’t make fun of Joe Pesci, though. And espeically don’t tell him he’s funny. “Funny how? Funny like a clown? I’m here to entertain you? What?” :smiley:


I met (former) NC Governer Jim Hunt shortly after he won his forth term. He and his wife were eating dinner in a little hole-in-the-wall Italian resurant near NC State. I think he was trying to keep a low profile, as there were no state troopers visble. I was in line behind him to pay my bill, and I casually mentioned that he looked just like Gov. Hunt, olny shorter.

He laughed, showed me his Visa card, and told me he was Governer Hunt.

“Ah, well,” I stammered, hoping the Earth would open me up and swallow me whole, “Congratulations on your recent re-election.”

Conan O’Brien is quite tall, though some of that is hair.

Tim Robbins, surprisingly tall at 6’5".

I was surprised when i found out David Duchovny is a little over 6 foot tall. At 5’3", Gillian Anderson is a full 9 inches shorter and apparently often had to stand on a box when they were in a shot together in X-Files.

I once saw author Michael Crichton briefly, and concluded that he must be at least 6’8" tall.

I was watching Celebrity Poker Showdown and was shocked to see co-hosts Phil Gordon and Dave Foley standing up next to each other (actually Bonnie Hunt was standing between them). Dave Foley was about the same height as Bonnie and Gordon towered a full head above both of them. I just checked his website and he’s 6’9"(!). You just get used to seeing the two hosts being the same height while sitting and commenting at their desk.

Of those I’ve met or seen in person, the following celebrities surprised me:

John Cusack and Ben Affleck were both surprisingly tall. I had some notion that both were average-ish in height – 5’10" or 11" – but both top six feet by a bit.

On-screen, Sandra Bullock always struck me as being fairly tall, but it turns out she’s not – maybe 5’7" or 8".

John Travolta is considerably shorter than I expected, as well. (Of course, my perception could also be skewed, since he was also a bit on the chunky side when I met him in 1998 or 1999.)

The biggest (smallest?) shocker for me was Robert Redford. I guess I already knew he was short before meeting him, but he’s my height or shorter – 5’8". Alice Cooper and Michael Stipe are also kind of short.

Personally, I am amused by the alleged macho-types: Sylvester Stallone is like 5’9", ditto Mel Gibson; Tom Cruise (referred to in a recent thread as a “gay dwarf”), is like 5’7", and Kevin Costner is like 5’10". The Govinator is about 6’2", which is what I am, but I never took steroids.

It’s pretty easy to look macho when your surroundings are down-sized.


Vincent D’Onofrio is 6’4", or thereabouts. I never realised he was of above-average actor height.

Yeah… they had a cute line about that once. She says she wants to drive the car for a change, and asks why he never let her drive. He says “I didn’t know your little feet could reach the pedals.”

He’s 6’10", I beleive.

Anyway, that’s who I was going to mention, so I have nothing else to add.

~ Isaac

This is what the official height is…BUT there are testimonies from other people around the internet alleging that he is much shorter. Some say he wears lifts in his shoes, others say he’s filmed so as to look taller than he is.

My father says he met Arnold in an elevator in New York and that Schwarzenegger was not taller than him (My dad is a little over 5’9.) I think Arnold, in his interview here, may be lying about his true height.

Actually, steroids taken at when he started (the general consensus is around age sixteen - you can tell by looking at the pictures) would have stunted his height, rather than helped it. Bodybuilding didn’t start using human growth hormone until the last decade or so.

Well, that’s because on L&O: SVU, he constantly twists his spine into a preztel-shape so he can get right in the faces of suspects.

Whoops, that’s L&O: CI, of course.

I think that he may be shorter than that.