Surprising variations of classic dishes

I had an absolutely amazing version of Eggs Benedict today: Ham and eggs topped with hollandaise sauce, but instead of resting on an English muffin, all that yummy stuff was on two big ol’ slabs of fried green tomato. Holy cow, it was good!

What surprisingly good variations of classic dishes have you run across?

Saturday I had a grilled cheese sandwich that had sundried tomatoes in it. (The cheeses were odd, too - mozarella, which was… weird but tasty, and some melty ones.) It wasn’t a “Grilled Cheese Sandwich”, but it was really good.

I used to make crepes benedict when out camping. You make up a batch of crepes, 2 per person. Fry up 3 slices of bacon per crepe, or 1 piece of bacon and 1 piece of canadian bacon. Crumble the single strip of bacon and reserve with the rest of the crumbled strips of bacon. Make a batch of scrambled eggs. Make a batch of hollandaise sauce.

fill each crepe with scrambled egg, either form of bacon [noncrumbled] and plate 2 crepes per person. Top with hollandaise and garnish with crumbled bacon.

I want to go camping with you.

Pasta Carbonara with peas added. mmmm.

I first had it in Kathmandu, and have added peas to mine ever since. It’s tres yummy, and simple enough to do. Just toss in frozen peas when the pasta, (usually penne, at my house), is almost done.

I am humbled. Aren’t crepes finicky to make?