Survey - "Bully for you"

My first instinct is “good for you” although the opposite meaning “that’s tough” is a strong second. Either way I can imagine it getting misused frequently.



  1. Congratulations, or

(depending how it is said)

2 Good for you but no one cares.


I have no idea, sounds like someone just put Nelson Muntz in front of you :eek:

I’m scandinavian by the way.

It means “Well done!”, but I would say it is rarely used nowadays, and is probably said sarcastically more often than genuinely.

23, M, UK.

So, MaxTheVool, would you care to explain the reason for the OP, and how the results tally with your expectations?

“Good for you” as in “Congratulations for taking that action” and was originally positive but more often now used sarastically in response to someone being overly self-righteous, or someone boasting about something that you just don’t care about.

Mid-Atlantic U.S.

I’ve taken to saying it lately more-or-less-seriously, and my girlfriend (the lovely usually-lurking doper Araminty) is absolutley convinced that it can not be used anything other than sarcastically.

Enough people have confirmed that it can, in fact, be used as actual congratulations that I feel vindicated, while enough claim that it is used mainly sarcastically that she can probably claim victory as well :slight_smile:

I have almost never used it and mostly in a joking way, but I never even realized it was considered sarcastic by so many. :frowning:

Well, bully for you!


No one has posted this variation yet: Bully for you = BFD.