Survey For The Ladies Re: Nipple Stimulation

In this reply to the now infamous circumcision thread in Great Debates, our resident sexologist asserts the following:

Now, I have highly sensitive nipples and am capable of reaching orgasm by nipple stimulation alone. However, IMHO, Jack’s assertion is just a bunch of hogwarsh. Doing that to my breasts would not have any erotic effect on me, let alone a “major” one. I’d prefer if you did not attempt to “power suck” my breasts, thankyouverymuch.

So ladies, how about the rest of you? Would this turn you on?

And men, have you ever tried this technique? If so, with what reactions/responses were you met?

Well, the tongue flicker feels wonderful but I think that the simutaneous power sucking would hurt!

I’ve had guys power suck my boobs before and it’s one of the more annoying things they can do in bed, IMO.

Why is this question limited to the ladies? :wink:

I’ve tried that before, and was met with overwhelming indifference. Of course, JDT would say either a) I was doing it wrong, and/or b) I need an uncircumcised penis to do it right, but since everything else I was doing in that area was working well, I think it’s just a stupid technique.
[sub]And I don’t believe I just posted that…[/sub]

Well, I bruise very easily, so I’ll pass on the power suction. Tongue flicking, OTOH… mmmmmmmm :slight_smile:

Shayna, those aren’t real orgasms. The only way for you to have a real orgasm is to have your clitoral hood stimulated by the foreskin.

Hell no! I get about as much enjoyment out of power sucking as I do making out my grocery list.

I like things a bit rough, so the “power sucking” thing sounds good to me.

no, no, no, please no!

(I’d give a TMI alert here, but given the topic it hardly seem necessary.)

I have extremely sensitive nipples. No psychic orgasms here, as any stimulation walks the fine pain/pleasure line. I have breastfed four children. The first two weeks or so after each birth were awful. I cried while I nursed. Eventually I toughened up enough that I could continue without tears, though it never became the pleasurable experience some of my friends have described. And I had to repeat the process each time, as the extreme sensitivity always returned. The mere thought of someone sucking at me as described gives me serious shudders. (and not in a good way…)

What everyone needs to understand (and especially Jack Dean, if he is reading this) is that everyone is different. Each person experiences sensations differently on different parts of his or her body. There is no one right way to feel pleasure. There is no one right way to give another person pleasure.

How can the guy put “as much of the breast as posible” in his mouth and then "flicker BOTH nipples with his tongue? THAT’S a good trick.

But I don’t think that his partner would like being Hoovered like that, in any case.

The most reliable technique for satisfying a woman? Asking her what she likes.

That said, I’ve never found the power suck very effective, except perhaps when we’re joking around and I want to make her laugh. While one woman I was with liked me to bite her nipples, tongue caressing (as opposed to flicking) has consistently gotten the most positive reactions. But maybe that’s just me.


I’m a major fan of the tongue-flicking and the like. I get major turned on by that stuff. However, the “power-suck?” That’s a BIG no-no. OUCH! :eek!:

Am I the only one who imagined Jack Dean Tyler hooking OpalCat up to a ShopVac?

Sounds painful, light sucking is alright flicking is cool too, but teeth and power sucking just sound painful.


That is such bullshit. “Power suck”??!! Sounds horrible.

A little tongue flicking, a slight suck, and gently rubbing the nipple between two fingers works fine.

Did anyone notice the part about:

I don’t know if I’m abnormal or what, but my nipples never get pushed deep within my breasts. And (TMI alert) I just tried pushing one in and it hurt. So that seems like a bad idea to me. You know, boobs aren’t just big balls o’ fun. There’s tissue and nerve endings too, and Hoover faces like JDT needs to figure that out.

We used to make fun of boys like that in high school - you let him get to third base and he bites/sucks your poor nipple until it aches the next day.

JDT - maybe they aren’t all screaming in pleasure.

Gods, no.

Thanks to the fact that I have above-average sized boobs, I have extremely INsensitive nipples. A fun game to play with me is to make me close my eyes and try to figure out when you’re touching them. Sucking hard on them is only going to give me painful friction burn. It’s not going to turn me on in any way. If you want to turn me on, a light tough or tongue-tickle is the way to go…it’s more a visual thing than a physical thing.

Tongue flicking, gentle sucking…WOW!


:eek: If my nipples weren’t attached to my breasts, they would have fled the room screaming.

Uh, ditto. Ow!

Oh, he already said they don’t scream at all - just kind of lie there, don’t move much, and don’t make much noise.

Of course, the fact that all but one of the women in this thread said power sucking was a bad idea wouldn’t mean anything to JDT, because he thinks that the man should ignore the woman’s requests in bed. :rolleyes:

You ladies aren’t suggesting that there is an area of sex in which JDT is not the world’s expert, are you?

Gee, now I’ll have to go re-read the circumcision threads and see whether any other small errors have crept into his logic, yet.

I have requested Baglady’s permission to post to this thread with my experiences.

Permission was denied, continue with your day.