Boob play.

This is something I’ve never been able to wrap my brain around.

When a woman plays arounbd with my nips; it doesn’t really do a whole lot for me. But hey, if she seems to dig it; she can have at it.

By my logic, I can’t see why it would feel so much better for a woman than it does a man.

Having said that I still enjoy boob play but I can never tell if she’s really into it or is she just leting me have my fun.

So enlighten us ladies.

You need to put “for ladies” in the title. I answered it, and I’m a guy. I suspect a lot of the respondents are guys, and they’re all going to say “yes”.

It is very pleasurable for us. Personally I think it’s the estrogen. :smiley:

Female, don’t particularly like it. My nipples and breasts are basically numb–if I have my eyes closed, it’s hard to tell that they’re being touched at all. Months of nursing has made it worse, if anything.

I’ve learned over the years that many of us have very sensitive nipples and others have no sensation at all. Do your nipples get harder when your lover plays with them? Even if you don’t feel a sensation, your lover may enjoy that feeling.

For me…all nipples are good nipples. :slight_smile:

They’re just so much damn fun to play with! I like to have my nipples licked also.

girl here.

Yes, like my breasts being fondled. I don’t think there could be too much breast fondling as long as it’s not too rough, but anything to do with the nipples can go overboard… sensitive and arousing can quickly morph into overstimulating and irritating, and it varies from day to day.

A partner who wasn’t into my breasts would be disappointing (and surprising, given past reviews)

Not so much with the nipple play- mine are extremely sensitive. I couldn’t breastfeed due to the pain, and I can’t even get in the shower facing forward. But the rest of the boob enjoys intimacy.

I always really enjoyed it, then I ended up with a partner who, while good at other things, could produce no pleasure from boob play. Basically, I was just indulging him and I felt kind of numb, as Drain Bead describes. I really thought that my biology had changed on me and perhaps my boobs were less sensitive.

After several years we broke up. Imagine my surprise and great pleasure when the next guy touched my boobs and it was electric! Now, I’m back to really enjoying it.

So, for me, it’s partner dependent, but generally a yes. And, no, I have no idea what he was doing wrong.

I don’t really care either way. It’s less sensitive than a lot of other areas.

Yes. Hell Yes. Until they get overstimulated. Then play with something else for a bit to ‘reset’ Then Hell Yes again.

I agree with the old adage “anything more than an armful is a waste”.

A lot of other areas? :confused:

HELL YES! Bi (mostly attracted towards girls) I can have an orgasm from my girlfriend playing with them…I have to say if guys had boobs I’d be straight!

Where’s the “ouch that hurts” option? Depending on the guy, I’ve had that one and I’ve had the “ooooh that’s nice!” one. I’ve also had the “uh, honey, I promise there’s more to me that boobs and vagina, could you give the rest some care as well?” option: these ones didn’t get very far on grounds of “not doing a thing for me.”

I call it the Bermuda Triangle. The boobs being the top of the triangle.

You can get lost there, and I’m OK with it. :smiley:

Well, yeah. I’m more sensitive around my legs, my thighs, my back and my stomach, so I definitely prefer to have those tickled/touched.

Hmmm, I read the Song of Solomon (Bibilical smut, people! Makes going to church fun!) and nowhere does it say “Your nipples are like Miami Beach” …

As to us, hell yeah all the way, but then, yes, that was before I thought it was a free-for-all gender-wise. When we first met my wife was a virgin, and wanted to stay that way until her wedding day. She’d never done anything with any other guys before (that I had to take her word on, the virginity thing was a bit easier to confirm) but about a month after we met, she wanted me to play with her boobs, something she still really enjoys (in fact, I may have been inexperienced myself as well, but I figured out that if she wanted me to do that, she must really like it) - in fact it’s realy the only foreplay she’s comfortable with, and I always make sure to incorporate it during sex. If she’s not in the mood for sex, she’ll gladly offer boob play though.

I think that might be in the Reformed version.

I didn’t answer the poll. It’s not that I could take it or leave it it’s just that I don’t really want them touched all the freakin’ time. When we’re fooling around, great, wonderful, have at it but if we’re just laying on the couch watching TV, no, in fact playing with them in a non-romantic situation gets irritating. But I can’t get my SO to get that because he enjoys it too much and I can’t find anything on him to compare it with in annoyance because pretty much me touching anything of his will turn him on. I often end up leaving my bra on to make it more difficult for him to get them and I hate wearing bras in the house.