Survivor 11/25: Mutiny

Well, well, well…

Color me both surprised and happy.

That’s all for now…don’t want to spoil for anyone who won’t see it for a while due to Thanksgiving/family stuff…

:eek: Wait a second. When did this become a back-stabbing, double-crossing actual game of Survivor? The “family” episode always makes me weepy, but I was cheering at the end. I never expected the “outsiders” to form an alliance. So who’s Ponyboy?? I’m a happy happy watcher.


Pleased. As punch.

Yay! And another Yay! for an episode that wasn’t boring.

just saw the recap on the cbs website…

can we talk about this yet???

why did Amy/they choose to NOT kick off the remaining guy? Forgot his name.

Leann said she didn’t feel comfortable voting whats-his-name off and for some reason Amy went along with it..

Most interesting episode this season! No, wait…ONLY interesting episode this season. I’m growing cautiously optimistic about the rest of the season.

All I have to say is it’s about time Twila, Scout and Eliza got their heads out of their asses.

Famous last words for Lee Ann: I didn’t fight that hard for immunity because I didn’t feel like it was life or death for me. (Or something to that effect)


Not looking, not reading any replies, haven’t watched it yet (as of 9:15 Friday morning - I might get to it this afternoon, but my dad is coming by around noon and I need to straighten up first. If I get done soon enough, I’ll pop the tape in before he gets here).
Holy crap, only six replies?
How bad was this episode?

The older ladies (which, interestingly, included Ami but not Lisa, even though Lisa was in her forties) had a strategy:

I liked it a lot. Easily the most interesting episode in a while.

umm… blast. In the independent nation of Ethilristonia, the word “quote” actually means “spoiler.” Sorry about that. Doesn’t give out any big secrets, though.

UNBOXED SPOILERS BELOW (In keeping with our usual spoiler policy of AFTER IT AIRS, IT’S FAIR!)

My wife and I were doing the happy dance at the end. Ami’s looks were priceless. Such disgust. SHE JUST DOESN’T GET IT! The mistake she and Leann made was not firming up their fourth. 3/7 doesn’t get it done. ESPECIALLY when you piss off the other 4!

You completely understand how dumb Ami is when she confronted Twila last night. When Twila acknowledged that Chad had approached her with a scheme, Ami basically asked, “Why didn’t you just tell them to go to Hell?” BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO BE ON THE FREAKING JURY! Twila was with you and you pushed her away.

You are also a loser because not only will you not get the million dollars, Playboy will just re-reun your pics from a few years ago, so no cash! (And the pictures were NICE!)

I loved Sarge and Chad’s reaction to the vote. I thought they were going to do a two man wave!

umm… what?

lol - that’s what I said.

  1. Amy was in Playboy a few years ago?

  2. Has it been a rough few years?

Ami could’ve told LeeAnn to get over it; Chris has got to go sometime, let’s do it tonight when he doesn’t have immunity; we can vote Eliza off next week. Scout & Twila would’ve voted for Eliza, and the mutiny would’ve been put on hold. But noooooo…that would’ve been smart.

You’re right, but Ami, Leann and Julie made the mortal mistake of being too secure. When Leann admitted that she wanted to change her mind and make Julie the 4th (and to hell with Twila), she showed her true colors to Scout. Bad mistake. Because Scout would be an idiot not to wonder if she was as disposable as Twila.

Twila put her neck out in a big way by promising on her son’s grave to vote with Ami and Leann and then turning around and voting her off. Smart, but risky. Someone is going to clue Eliza in soon that Scout and Eliza were pushing to vote Eliza off just about every week and then what will Eliza do? Will she go back to Ami and Julie or stay true to her new alliance knowing full well that she’s probably 4th in the pecking order.

I’m glad that Eliza FINALLY saw the handwriting on the wall and realized that her goose was cooked unless she did something drastic.

Survivor has become so boring this season that I almost didn’t watch last night. Thankfully, I did. I can’t wait to see the Ami meltdown next week!

Yeah, something drastic like WAKE UP AND PLAY THE GAME.

I just watched it. I was also doing the Happy Dance.
I also liked the looks Chris was giving Sarge and Chad. “Look what I did!”
Hee hee!
My God, Ami’s a bitch. I hope she’s gone next week.

I am hoping that Eliza will side up with Chris, the both of them realizing they have their best chances in the final two with each other.

Then again, I have Chris in my pool and I have to think happy thoughts for a while! :slight_smile: