Survivor 12/5

The episode title is:
A Big Surprise…and Another

I think it’s pretty obvious that Jake is going to go soon, but if it’s a big suprise we’re looking at, maybe Clay will go tonight.

What do you think ?

Yawn - I’ll watch, but I have so little interest at this point.
Wake me up when the team starts feeding on itself. Or when they have to eat disgusting stuff. Then it MIGHT become interesting.
Bye Jake. Don’t cry.

Wake up, Dinsdale. Disgusting stuff is on the menu tonight, although it looks like maybe it’s not the contestants who are doing the snacking this time. Could be fun. :slight_smile:

Jake is the obvious boot tonight, although the Chewys may take the opportunity to kill one of their own if they’re really looking to do that already. I’d guess not, however.
WARNING: THE LINK BELOW IS POTENTIALLY A SERIOUS SPOILER. Click at your own risk and let’s not spoil it for anyone who doesn’t follow the link, okay?

One interesting development during the hiatus is that True Dork Times, one of the better spoiler sites out there, claims to have learned from a source who the final two are. Nothing public on the nature of the source, but the guy who runs TDT appears to have shared it with some of the people who run other Survivor sites, and they say it looks legitimate. (Heard anything, David B?) TDT has put its reputation on the line here, but I’m strongly considering the possibility it’s planted misinformation. Should be fun seeing if it turns out to be true.

Minty, I need to express my appreciation for the fact that a website I have never heard of, with the name True Dork Times is willing to put its inestimable rep on the line here.

Made my day, bro.

I still can’t figure how the rules will allow for a final 2 of Hunter and Ghandia. I guess it WILL be a surprise!

I can’t access that site! Can some kind soul pleeeease post a spoiler (with proper coding that I don’t know how to do)??

Check your email, singular1.

Having not looked at the spoilers posted…

I want Brian to win. He has played well, and seems both strongest at the people skills needed to win and very solid physically.

That said, if those people let him be one of the final 2, they deserve to lose the money.

The only surprise tonight will be at the reward challenge. The IC and vote will be fish in a barrel. The rest of the contestants are too stupid to move on Brian, and will be led like sheep to a slaughter.

I will watch still just to see the shocked look on Jan’s face next week when she gets the boot.


As annoying as Jan is, that just increases her chances of sticking around. She’ll be carried into the final three with Brian and Ted or Clay, and whoever the winner of the final IC is will want to face her in the finals. This week: Jake. Next week: Helen.

I loathe Brian and I SOOO don’t want him to win. Did anyone look at his audition video? The guy’s a major creepazoid. He gives me the heebie-jeebies. <shudder>. I will be so p.o.'d if he wins.

What I’d really like to see is for Jake to win immunity every week from now until the final 2 and take Helen with him. between them, I don’t have much of a preference. If Jake makes it that far, I could see myself rooting for him as the underdog who held on. On the other hand, I like Helen and I’d be just as happy if she took it all home, too.

Even though I’ve been rooting for Chuy Ghan as a team the whole show, I just think it would be great entertainment to watch them have to start turning on each other while there’s still an “enemy” among them.

Anyway, that’s what I want to happen. But I wanted Ken to win the whole thing and I didn’t get that wish, either, so I’m not holding my breath.

Not sure about the exact wording, but in one of the previews Jeff says “If you don’t play, you lose!” or something. Anyone got an idea what that’s all about?

:frowning: Stupid episode. Helen is in for a ruuuuuuude awakening re Brian. Now I don’t want her to win because she actually likes that sleezebag. Blech. I’m now rooting for Ted.

Actually, I liked this episode. I thought the change at the food gobbling contest was cool, and it was fun to watch the contestants work so hard for it. And since I do not like bugs, I found this one to be particularly disgusting.

Anyone else think Brian was praying that his wife not win?

Now it’s pretty clear that there are some significant dynamics about to take place. The one good side of a pagonging is that at some point the tribe has to turn on each other, and since they have been together for so long now it’s gonna get interesting.

Anyway, it seems clear that Brian is absolutely driving this boat. Helen trusts him, Ted trusts him (it appears), Jan is just plain batty, and nobody likes Clay. Brian just has to choose the best 2 to take with him to the final 3. He probably wants Clay in final 2, so who’s the third?

He can’t take Jan, because he knows that they both know they’d lose to him, so he’d be voted out (if he doesn’t win immunity). Helen and Ted, I think, would risk going against Brian in final 2 just 'cos they really like Brian and don’t like Clay

So he needs to decide between Ted and Helen. He stands a better chance against Ted than Helen in final 2. Ted it is.

So there ya go. Brian orchestrates Helen’s ouster next, then Jan’s. (Helen has to go first…no way can Jan organize anything other than a pet cemetary)

Final 3 of Brian Ted Clay.

That make any sense? It’s way past my bedtime…not thinking too clearly :slight_smile:

This episode made me think of another way they could make the next version more interesting - have the contestants start at different times. Say, f’rinstance, you start with 6 people. One gets voted off, someone else comes in, so you stick with 6 people until everyone’s in. That’s just off the top of my head - obviously there would be problems with such a scheme that would have to be worked out, but it could still be a possibly interesting concept. Maybe. Or not.

Yikes! Brian Bosworth flashbacks. Nooooo! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I happy that they let the families come back for the Immunity challenge, when they got sent away after the RC, I thought it was just plain evil.

I don’t think Brian wanted his wife to win either. Jake’s wife was really cute and she tried really hard, I felt bad for her.

I think Brian would be stupid to get rid of Clay now, Clay is the only one he’s certain to beat in the final two. He has a chance against Helen, Ted, and Jan, but with Clay it’s almost guarenteed Brian will win.

Very much so. That’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking here. If Brian is going to take Clay to F2, however, he has to be VERY careful about casting off Helen, who would certainly not forgive him if it looks like it’s his idea. That breakup will be as bitter as Kelly and Sue from S1, or Colby and Jerry from S2. Note that neither Kelly nor Colby won the final vote. Ted won’t be very forgiving either if Brian chooses Clay over him. Making and breaking too many 2-person alliances may be the undoing of Brian.

He’s still my favorite player this time, however, right up there with Kathy from S4 and Lex from S3. Go Brian!

Yes, but what I heard directly contradicts True Dork Times. That’s the thing with spoilers – they’re of no use 'til after it’s over! :slight_smile:

I thought it was one of the best Survivor episodes I’ve ever seen. It’s funny that since I’ve stopped reading the spoiler boards, I’m enjoying the show so much better now.

Hey, DavidB, my buddy Roger and I were watching last night and he said I should ask you what the booted contestants do on the island while they wait from day to day for the next tribal council. Mainly, he wants to know because he has dreams of being a camera man who gets to kick back with Erin. Actually, so am I. We want a clip show from what they do! Any ideas?