Survivor Fiji: 5/13 (Finale and Reunion) SPOILERS

A continuation from the regular Thursday show thread here, which was seguing into a Finale thread.

Well, the Reunion is going on right now. Forgot how much I loooooved Anthony, and it’s sad that I can’t remember the names of all those pretty ladies who were voted out so early.

On a completely shallow note: Earl cleans up nice. Real nice. :smiley: Boo and Edgardo, on the other hand. Not so much (much more attractive grungy).

Either it’s really cold in the Ed Sullivan theater, or Rita is really excited.

My DVR cut it short - please tell me - WHO WON?!?!

Earl! :smiley: :smiley:

And by all nine votes, BTW, which is making us all wonder who gets the second–place hundred grand (and I think there might be lessening amounts for 3 and 4).

I have nothing to say about Dreamz.

If I wanted to talk about Dreamz, I’d have to use the most horrible, most bottom-dwelling words I could muster in size 5 bold red font. They might likely get me banned, so I’ll just say, fuck Dreamz. And I’m glad Boo called him out on his Christian bullshit (remember week 2, and how “I think my Christian values will carry me far in this game.”?) which, in all likelihood, is as phony as his homeless bullshit. He’s a passive-aggressive bullshitter with the brain of a peanut who, by shear luck, stumbles through life by holding onto others and standing on their feet. At least I admit that I’m a lousy Christian.

So… thank goodness I have nothing to say about Dreamz.

Oh, and congratulations Earl! You were my second choice, and it’s right that the vote was unanimous.

Yau Man, I sure hope to see you on an upcoming all-star show. You are everything I aspire to be.


I am surprised that he got each and every vote. I didn’t even realized that there was a reunion show on tonight. I totally missed that. I can’t believe after watching an entire season I didn’t see the reunion.

I was upset when Dreamz didn’t live up to his side of the “deal” and I do not believe that he was just playing Yau when he made the deal. You could tell by the instant he started crying when he said he was keeping immunity. I knew once he went back on that word that he would most likely not win the million.

I thought Earl played the best game. I was also sad that he voted for Yau - and would have much rather him vote off Cassandra at that last vote. It made me like him slightly less at that point. BUT - he did truly play the best game I’ve seen.

I was wondering the same thing in the other thread, and so far as I could tell, they didn’t answer the question during the reunion show.

Most likely, 2 and 3 will split second and third money, since both are runners-up. That’s how it is with most prize awards anyway.

Skittles, it might show up over at CBS Innertube. There were so many damn commercials stuffed into the thing it can’t be all that long. :rolleyes:

They usually have the winner and runner-up come onto the Early Show, don’t they? Guess Earl might bring his Mom. :smiley:

Dreamz, you are special type of idiot.

Noting wrong with being an idiot, of course. But being one and pretending that people are going to believe that you are just outplaying the field is above and beyond.
So, China next time! sounds awesome. I have always wondered why it is always tropical. Good to see them break from that.

Dreamz, Dreamz… shakes head Ultimately, is Dreamz admitting (after much probing from Jeff) to being a con man? Even that doesn’t seem to hold up, because if Dreamz really did plan to not hold up his end of the bargain the whole time, why not be candid to the cameras during the on-island interviews?

No, Dreamz was an opportunistic player, switching sides which ever way the wind blew. He would and could only think one move ahead. He never planned to not honor his word because he never considered getting to that point, 2 or 3 moves ahead. All he considered was that his target at that point was to get Yau-Man out first.

And then he self-deludes himself into thinking he was planning this all along. He didn’t even remember betraying his alliance until Edgardo, Mookie, and Alex called him on it at the jury.

I feel bad for Anthony. I like that guy, but they replay the embarrasing beatdown by Rocky, and when Jeff asks Anthony what he learned, he said “I can put up with a lot more than I thought”.

Makes me want to shake him and yell “stop putting up with everything, go over there and kick his teeth in!”

I was really shocked by Michelle, btw. So incredibly dumb! I know a lot of 11-year olds that are a lot smarter than that. She might be cute but she is not THAT cute.

Congrats to Earl. Dreamz sucks. If Survivor lasts long enough to bring back favorite players again, Yau Man will return.

What was up with the chick that asked dreamz if he knew how many zeros are in $1M?

Is she insane?

Yes. And stupid.

I thought so. Did I mistake something or did she look over to the jury after he said “six” to make sure he was correct?

Yep. :smack:

The insane and stupid woman was Lisi Lenares, the only one who made Rocky look like a reasonable and eloquent person.

All you need to know about Lisi is that she had a hit song in France in 2004 or so. Here is the


This song is not suitable for children, old people, pets, plants, or anybody with an IQ above room temperature. Playing it at work can and will get you fired and you’d totally deserve it! I MEAN IT!


video for the immortal ‘Tightie Whiteys’.


That video has warped my fragile little mind. :mad:

Omigod, my bleeding eyes. Why did I click on that link? And then why did I sit through the whole wretched excrescence that was that “song”? :smack: