Survivor: Philipines Starts Tonight

He didn’t live-tweet tonight’s show on the East Coast – said he had something he had to tape for his new talk show.

Don’t know if he’ll be live-tweeting in future weeks, and haven’t heard about blogging.

How’s that for a helpful answer?

Hey, Fast, cheap, informative: pick 2. :wink:
Guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the EW recaps.

Glad to see Mike Skupin back but I want to take that knife away from.

Poor drowning chicken. It was kinda hard to concentrate after that - kept looking to see if it survived.

Yeah I was pretty appalled with the chickens being used as props in a dramatic raft escape scene. I haven’t watched this show in a decade so it kind of turned me off early.

Which gets me thinking, has there ever been a vegetarian player? It seems like it would make things significantly harder, but if not I’d like to volunteer to the the first .

Oh lordie, yes, there was Kimmy, the vegetarian in Africa (I think). She was really obnoxious about the chickens. And everything else.

Man, it didn’t take long for me to really hate Russell.

1- John Penner sounds like Alan Alda. I wish he’d stop.

2- My early fave is Malcolm Freberg. Sorry dude, that probably means you’re SOL. Especially since he’s on the doomed tribe…

3- Best quotes: “I understand what happened in the outback now.” /" It’s the way I go through life: Act first, think second. "/ "We haven’t had any situations where he can seriously get injured. We’ll see when we have a fire what happens. "
and Zanes “I’m playing chess the best way I know how, and hopefully I’ll king me.”

Russell will be gone fast, and I’ll bet Supkin gets medevaced again. Dude’s a walking disaster area. Penner is annoying, Jeff and Lisa have already been spotted, and the joke that was Zane beats the fastest exit ever. (Except for the season when they voted someone “out” before the game even began.)

I agree - Malcolm looks strong. The rest are still a blur, except for the cute blond chick with the fake rack.

I prefer Dalton Ross’s snark to Jeff’s commentary anyway.

OMG, is Malcolm the Ridiculously Handsome Survivor Guy or what? Usually these “young” guys (I’m over 40) don’t do anything for me, but my gosh, he may be another reason to watch. At least, until he gets his cute butt voted out. :wink:

And he thought his strategy was flawless too. Somehow he reminded me of Russell, less a brain.
I laughed when he was returning from the challenge with the oars, being pulled along looking like he was one step from death.

I think editing just emphasized his minor wounds for a storyline. I would not be too surprised if other folks have a bunch of cuts that they caused to themselves.

I about fell off the couch laughing at that one. :slight_smile:

You know what would be awesome? If they never merged the tribes and just made the final three sole survivors from the three tribes the final three.

Probst: “Well, your team lost the Immunity Challenge, so you’re going to Tribal tonight.”

Last Woman Standing in the Red Tribe: “But there are still people to be eliminated on the Blue tribe! They have three people left!”

Probst: “Sucks to be you then.”

If one tribe was whittled down to just 2 players, it’d be great if they got to chose which other tribe they wanted to be on, or if the other tribes got to pick which player they wanted.

I’m wondering if Jeff Kent really tore his ACL. It would really suck to make it to survivor and suffer a debilitating injury before you even reached your campsite.

Kent talks about his experience on Survivor here. (no spoiler necessary)

Seeing Zane leave made me truly thankful for one thing…there’s no Redemption Island.

Jeff thinks it is his MCL, FWIW. He was pretty fortunate this first challenge didn’t involve much running for him. I suppose he won’t be able to hide his gimpy-ness for too much longer.

So do we now put Russell Swan in the top 5 of luckiest TC Survivor. If Zane said, “I’m sorry I let you down and needed to be carried but I told Russell I can’t run worth shit.” then Russell is gone.

Yep, the first week or two are usually pretty rough on the city folks.

Looks like it’s back to classic Survivor: Step 1, vote off whoever sucked at the challenge.

And, I like how they gave the losing tribe a flint because they’ve figured out that dehydration and sanitation problems makes for a weak tribe and a not-so-fun show. Next thing you know, they’ll be starting them off with food and shelter and… oh, wait…

This is the second time an athlete has tried to go incognito, and both times they have been outed pretty quickly. I don’t believe for a second that another competitor recognized them - they were outed by the producers. The girls said “An old boyfriend was a big baseball fan so I know who Jeff Kent is.” BS. I am a huge baseball fan and I know who Jeff Kemp is, but my mind knows him as a professional athlete who competed 162 days a year, lifted weights and ran every day, and probably took the juice. Not some middle-aged, graying, slightly doughy Texan who has a ranch. Of course I recognize him, but I knew he was on the show. If I hadn’t, there is a zero percent chance that I would have. And especially if I was some random girl who had a boyfriend who was a baseball fan.