Survivor 19 Ep 1 09.17.09

The newest edition of Survivor is starting. Here’s a promo:

I predict:

that CBS gives most of the face time this season to Russell H, promoting him as the biggest villian ever in Survivor. And this board and others will trash him and wonder why Mark Burnett gives him so much face time. a la Coach

I’m glad you started this thread. I’ve been so busy lately I had no idea it was starting tomorrow.

Glad I could help you.

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He is looking for players, the more the merrier.

Whoever they pick will be voted out that evening most likely. Silly way to begin.

I don’t think Russell is long for this world. If he makes past the first episode I would be shocked if he makes it to the merge. This is the promo monkeys at their most blatant.

I skipped Survivor last time around, and let me tell you: I missed it desperately. Which either proves that I have no life, or I have no soul, or some combination of both. But in any event, here we go again. Yippee!

Are we in HD this time? I can’t tell.

According to this, yes.


Holy crap! There have been 18 seasons of Survivor? I had no idea. I’ve taken a break for a few seasons. I guess this is as good a time as any to get back in the game.

Two per year, of course. But, yes, it has been 9 years since Survivor came on.

Anyway, good episode so far. I think Russell has gone out too strong with his “mess with everyone” plan. People are going to notice if you go out and talk to everyone and make a million alliances.

Still though, “dumb ass blonde alliance” is hilarious.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tribe go from zero to asshole to zero again so fast.

And personally, I think I would have voted for the one who went myself. I can only take so much of that NPR-Ladies-On-SNL-Hippie-Chick tone of voice for so long before I have to retch.

That said, I’m torn between Russell H staying for the eye candy (yeah, yeah…shaddup…tastes differ) and him being blindsided because he falsely thinks he’s secretly in charge.

Really too early to make any comments on anyone, other than Russell is absolutely insane. I don’t have an opinion on him yet, but I already hate his little croney (Ben?).

I also wanted to mention that I think the 20-person start was a lousy idea. I don’t feel like we really got to know anyone but Russell H this episode. I have an even sketchier impression of everyone else than I usually do after the first ep. McDreamy, Jaison, the rocket scientist and the other college-age guy (did he even SPEAK in this ep?!) are just…images. The young blondes are interchangeable at this point, the Asian woman only stands out because…well, she’s Asian. Eighties rock-fan lesbian is going to be the female curmudgeon, apparently. The other Russell seems okay, but he’s only less sketchy because he got more confessional time as the leader.

It’s going to be at least another five weeks before I have any real clue who most of these people actually are.

If there is one thing I wish survivor would do, is let the contestants have appropriate clothing.

I rather watch people in normal survival and beach attire than underwear and pixelation. that guy who swam in long pants was at a disadvantage. I bet he thought his boxers would come off.

Then again, Russell H would probably burn the swimsuits and the shoes.

I agree, 20 people is a lot, and I think a 90 minute episode would have helped a little. Plus there were two challenges which is different than most first episodes of survivor.

rock-fan lesbian? Do you mean Shambo? or the older lady on Crazy Russell’s tribe (I think her name is Betsy and she is a cop).

Shambo. I’m being facetious though…my gaydar doesn’t work on women, really, unless they’re really obvious.

I kind of like Betsy…helped, probably, by her suspicion of Russell H.

Russell H is apparently batshit insane. Does he really think that anyone is going to want to do business with his Houston oil company when people see what a weasel he is?

Oh, I’m predicting that the Smoking Gun is going to have a field day with that one…

Speaking of gaydar, no one pinged my gaydar this season. Of course, about 12 of the players never spoke.

Upon further review, JayJay’s gaydar is functioning correctly.

Shambo is a lesbian.