Survivor Spoiler 8/2/00

Gervaise was voted off tonight.

Gervaise won the reward challenge.

Rich won imunity.



I saw that, and I was so frickin happy I almost wet myself!!!
Gervase does NOT win!

Whoo hoo! I have been doing the happy dance ever since I saw that!

:breaks out the champagne:

I am SO glad that guy is finally gone!

So much for the “X” theory… :slight_smile:


he can place an X right on my ass, and kiss it!
I have been so DISGUSTED by his slothfull ways - GOOD RIDDANCE!

He is out!

So much for the X-theory, as well as the Gang of Four, too…

I was really surprised. Although, I’m glad he won the award challenge.

At least Colleen’s still in her bikini. :wink:

The SurvivorSucks board is in total disarray now. All the supposed “hard” evidence is blown tonight. The “final four” pic was just a red herring as was the “Gervaise X” picture. All part of the subterfuge put in place by the “Survivors” producers.

I’m so happy that Gervase was voted off. Honestly I can’t imagine why it’s taken Tagi so long to get rid of that lazy ass. As far as I’m concerned any of the remaining members can win. I don’t really care now. I just really, really didn’t want Gervase to win.

OK, next week Colleen must win immunity or she’s next.

Of course, she will. Rudy and Richard attempt to keep up their alliance and vote for Sean (thinking Sue will do the same). Sue, Colleen, Sean and Kelly vote Richard off.


No, I think Kelly will make the Alliance do sean, instead of colleen, as her price for voting their way. THEN colleen. Unless, the girls ally…

I want Rich and Rudy off, Sean is too dumb to win. Right now I’m pulling for Colleen. I like her, she is funny and a little bent. I hope she consistently wins immunity from here on in.

I was glad to see Gervase gone too. Colleen’s gonna be the next one gone I think. I also think Sue, Kelly, and Rich will ban together and vote Sean and Rudy off and then Sue and Kelly will vote Rich off and will be the final two left. I’d kind of like to see Sue win myself. She’s alright!

Misinformation campaigns make me happy. Seriously, I love them. It’s like a war without all the messy dead bodies. If I could find Mark Barrnett, I’d heartily slap him on the back and give him a “good job, old sport! A fine job of foolin’ the masses.”

God, I can’t wait till next week.

ps: Anyone see Jenna when Jeffy P asked Sean about his strategy? I thought she was going to leap from her log and go for Sean’s jugular.

My sister and I were discussing this last night, after Gervaise was voted off. Although I haven’t been to , I think they were reporting that G. was the winner.
Then this thought dawned on me.

I think that the producers of the show set up this website and continually fuel it with bogus information, to keep interest in the show up. Now, all the people who thought they knew the outcome (and maybe wouldn’t have watched anymore) are more likely to tune in.**

**I haven’t read all of the survivor threads on this board, so if someone else already proposed this, my apologies.


Apparently, I haven’t even read this thread completely. I see that Wanderer just said the same thing I did 5 posts above.


Do (did) those voted off find out exactly who voted them off? I’m sure they have some idea, but not definitively. That’ll make the jury of 7’s work rather interesting.

I don’t think they’re told who voted them off. Although it’s one of those things that is not too difficult to figure out. Especially if those voted off do some talking among themselves.

I was kind of surprised last night to see that Sean and Kelly voted for Gervase. Especially Kelly. I thought for sure that she would vote for Sean again. It would be interesting to find out why her vote changed from last week. I wonder if she’s decided to go back to the alliance?

No the SurvivorSucks message board is an offshoot of the RealWorldBlows message board which has been around for several years. The also have a BigBrotherBlows message board as well.

I don’t think Kelly is in the alliance again, just that she decided to vote with Sue since they seemed to have patched things up between themselves. I don’t know about Sean though. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence that he voted with the alliance of if he overheard who they planned to vote off and decided to exploit it. I don’t see how Sean can survive much longer as the alliance doesn’t need his help anymore. Colleen might last a little longer, but I think the alliance will go after everyone outside the alliance before they start going after each other.

I think a lot of the spoilers the last couple weeks were put out there by the “Survivor” producers to take the focus off the fact that the alliance was going to pick off all of the other team. I think if they hadn’t distracted the audience with all this subterfuge the ratings for the show might have dipped as many people wouldn’t have been interested in the predictability of the alliance killing off the other team. Now it is close enough to the alliance going after each other that it is pretty much opened up again.