Who do you want to win Survivor?

Yeah, I actually watch the show and like it. So sue me. :slight_smile:

I’ve been rooting for Richard for a while. He started right off trying to work, knows his plan and how things work now, etc. I also liked his comments about religion in yesterday’s episode. :slight_smile: (But I was favoring him anyway.)

That said, I don’t think he will win. At some point, his alliance will break down (even if it’s when it comes down to just the four of 'em) and they would be smart to turn on him immediately. Even if they don’t, when they have the last 7 thrown off (besides the final 2) vote to see who stays, I bet they vote against him.

One other problem nags at me now. Either before the show started or just after, there was a report that one of the guys was charged with child abuse for making his son, who had gained some 20 pounds while the father was away, run laps until he was past exhaustion. When they showed the videos from home yesterday, Richard was the only one with a son. So unless it was one of those who was thrown off already (unlikely, since they weren’t on the island long enough to have the kid gain that much weight – unless they were away from home for a while before getting to the island), that means he was the one. If it IS him, and the charges are true, I have a real problem with that.

Not that who I want to win has any bearing on anything, of course, since it’s already over, but, hey, we root for sports teams from home when it has no bearing, so what the heck.

Yep, that was indeed Richard, however it is a bit more complicated than you have heard. First off, the police have dropped any charges because it was the son who called them. (Pissed off kid looking for revenge ?) Second Richard claims that they were just jogging as they had always done prior to him leaving for the island . . . evidently upon his return the child had not been running and had no interest in doing so any longer. Finally, Richard is now suing the state (Rhode Island ?) for slander over this whole incident. So, who knows what the truth is ? IMHO it sounds a lot closer to a rebellious youth, than child abuse - but no one knows what happened except Rich and kid.

Back to the OP . . . I think Jenna and Richard stand the best chances (yeah I know she almost got knocked off last week, but I think surviving that close call makes her even stronger). As for who I want to win ? Well, I wouldn’t mind looking at Colleen for the next month or so. Nice butt.

BTW was Greg joking this past week when he began sobbing ? Or was it real ? I taped the show and watched it about 5 times and I swear I cannot tell if he was faking it or not.

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As the patron saint of charm, luck and sheer laziness, I’m rooting for Gervase.

That would affirm my belief that the hard workers are screwed over for the guy with the good smile.

Then he can accept the VP nomination on the Dubya ticket!

Greg was totally fake crying. He was such a goofball, I can’t believe anyone took him seriously.

I want anyone BUT Gervase or Richard to win. Gervase drives me nuts because he is so lazy and proud of it! He’s flaunting it. I can’t believe he hasn’t got thrown off yet. Richard is a shifty, back-stabbing prick. I don’t care if it is a game and you have to play strategy. I think it would say a lot if they voted for a nice, honest person (just about anyone else).

I also like Sean’s method of voting people off - alphabetically.

Did anyone else feel horrible for Jenna when there was no video from her family?

Well, I’m glad to hear the details on the thing with Richard. Makes me feel better about liking the guy on the show. :slight_smile:

I agree with boli on Gervase. I mean, you may not like Richard playing politics, but he’s the only one who’s put food on the table, and that should count for something in a game that is supposed to mimic being stranded on an island!

As for voting for somebody honest, well, we know that both Susan and Kelly (I think that’s her name) aren’t honest, as they both lied during Tribal Council and said there was no voting bloc. Granted, they were put on the spot and it would have made things difficult if they had told the truth, and I think the host should have kept his f***ing yap shut, but still.

Yes, I felt horrible about Jenna. Half of me wondered if they might have done it on purpose to create an emotional moment, but I don’t really think that’s true. I do think it’s kind of funny that Greg’s video will be immediately followed home by, well, Greg. :slight_smile: I also think it’s funny that Sean’s “alphabetical” voting strategy may have been the over-the-top vote for Greg, assuring that he lost that round.

I didn’t understand Greg’s statements when he voted for Jenna this time. He said something like, “The first time, it was for paranoia; the second for annoyance; now it’s because my ear infection is getting better.” Huh?

Personally, I’d like to see Rudy win it. I don’t think he has a prayer though. I also think Richard should win it, but I don’t think he will. I think the million will go to Gervase. Here’s my take:

Rudy will get voted off once the alliance breaks down, as it eventualy will. (Same goes for Sue).

Richard deserves to win because (a) he does his share of work (hell, he’s apparently the only one who can catch fish); (b) he’s a leader; © Rudy and Sue already probably owe him - if it weren’t for the alliance that he formed, they’d probably be gone by now. (By the way, who exactly has he backstabbed? And why is he the only one that is criticized for the alliance?)

Gervase will win because the alliance, led by Richard, will need to vote a woman off next week, so he’s safe for another week. His air of inneptitude actually helps him at this point as well, he doesn’t seem to be a threat. Add in the fact that all he does is eat, sleep, and play cards, and you realize why he kicked ass in the last immunity challenge - he’s got much more energy for that stuff than the people who are actually working!
All of the above is of course, IMHO.

Personally, I’d be more than happy to have the French mistakenly do a nuclear test on this same island and have 'em all die.

This is one of these shows that I didn’t watch at first, and now feel like it would only annoy me to watch since I missed the early segments and have heard so much secondhand–and yet I keep hearing about it and feel vaguely like I am missing something good! Argh!

I’ll call the French Government and see if we can’t have a nuclear test there. :slight_smile: I’m all for a happy ending to the series.

While I think the whole “deserted island” thing is cheesy and fake, it’s the group dynamics and sociological aspects that keep me tuned in.

Rumor is that Gervase will win. Supposedly there was a screwup on the website of whoever makes this show (I don’t watch it). For a little while, people could access a picture of all 16 survivors. Everyone was crossed off except Gervase. Something to think about…

I, too, felt horrible for Jenna when her video did not arrive. I hope she gave her mom an earful for that. Gervaise is such a parasite he will get voted off soon. Rudy is toast, as well. As a gay man, I dig Richard being the tough guy who brings home the fish while the straight guys are mostly ineffectual. It’s a nice rebuttal to stereotypes.
A woman will win, because I see a gender block forming in a week or so which will replace the Tagi alliance. My pick to win? Colleen.
Was anyone else creeped out by the way Greg talked about his sister?

According to [url=“http://www.eonline.com/News/Court/0007.survivor.html” eonline , Rich woke his 10 year old son up at 4:30 in the morning, forced him to go running, and “roughed him up” when the kid failed to please him. And did you SEE that video from the kid? A more emotionless child I have never seen in my life. Richard annoyed me before, but now I actively hate him.

I hope Jenna wins, a single mom of two is a hard thing to be, and she could use the money. And she deserves it. I don’t know why they thought voting her off would get her home faster, they have to stay for another 15 days to vote between the final two.

But I’d put my money on Gervase. They’ll vote Sean off before Gervase, and once that happens, Gervase will win every immunity challenge. Then, when it is between either Gervase and Sue or Rich, the 7 people coming back will DEFINATELY vote for Gervase.

I’ve put WAY too much thought on this.

lets try that again. eonline

I agree with swimming riddles, that all the losers coming back to vote for the winner will be Richard’s downfall. He has pissed off too many of the other contestants. I think it will be Sean or Colleen that wins, they are the ones who have seemed to make the fewest enemies.

Richard is supposed to be gay & he has a son? Guess he was straight once. Some people may not like him sitting his bare ass around all the time, either.

Gervase is all personality & is sure to be voted off soon.
Better hope there are no more swimming challenges.

Everytime there is a rumor someone wins, that person gets voted off soon. Every notice that?

So, I’d vote for Rudy.

Richard adopted the kid, who has a history of emotional problems.

It looks like most the people posting in this thread are not following any of the stories floating around about Survivor, but as an avid follower of survivorsucks.com I know a lot about how things on the show turn out and all I can say is … my lips are sealed. Since the OP was about who you would like to win, my vote goes for Jenna. I wish she would win and then on the plane home bump into me and we could do the double-conga till the cows came home. :wink:

A few questions from someone who has never even glanced at an episode of the show:

–Is there anything keeping, say, the last four contestants from agreeing to split the money? That’s how it often happens in small-time poker tournaments. If it were me, I would definitely take a sure $250,000 over a 1-in-4 shot at a million.

–Is anyone in Vegas making odds?

Dr. J

Yes, someone in vegas did the odds but only for Big Brother.

" who had gained
some 20 pounds while the father was away, run laps until he was past

Richard is kinda fat himself. i wonder what’s up with that?

From what I hear, they had to sign a contract to not ‘fix’ the game, but that wouldn’t stop someone if they were shameless enough.