Weekly Survivor Predictions

Well, I was one for three in my Survivor predictions last week. Last week I only guessed the reward challenge winner correctly. Oh, well. Here goes, this week on Survivor:

-Rudy wins the reward challenge.
-Sean wins the immunity challenge.
-Kelly gets the boot.

(Geez, way back when the “Who do you want to win Survivor” thread came out I said I wanted Rudy to win but didn’t think he would. Well, I still want him to win, and I’m starting to think he may.)


Richard will do the Immunity Dance.

Sue will kiss his patootie to keep him on her side, she wants Sean gone, so that she can have another woman to side with to vote off Rudy and Richard.

Rudy will not vote Richard off,but will make a comment about him being a “hummasexshul”.

Sean will remain aloof to pretty much everything, including night and day.

Kelly will show off the new dreadlocks she’s weaved into her pits.

Bottom line, although I wish it were Sue, Sean’s gone tonight. If not Sean, then definitely Kelly.

I could be SO wrong, though.

Over in the fray at Survivor Sucks, some of the message boarders theorize that it must be Sean who is ousted tonight, because of a number of captured stills featuring Kelly and Susan in a variety of outfits. They know that these are not from earlier episodes because Susan also has a bandage on her hand, and she has not yet had such an injury. So they are saying that there won’t be enough time for so many “costume changes” in just one episode. At any rate, Sean’s the official pick.

There also seems to be a rising consensus that either Rudy or Rich is the winner, because of apparent slips by Gervase and Dirk in interviews where, when asked about the winner, they say they are happy for “him.”

I hope Sean is kicked like a field goal.

Sorry I didnt see this one, and started my own.

Portnoy, I am with you. Its Sean tonight, mainly because Sue wont want kelly off yet, it leaves her vulnerable to the men, and hummasexshuls :slight_smile:

Boy Gazoo…

you suck!


Yeah, I blew it big time!! It’s looking good for Rudy to be the overall winner though. If I were Kelly, Sue, or Rudy, I would not vote Richard off. I’d want it to come down to me and Richard, because you know the jury would never let Richard win.

That’s been my theory too. Since Richard is seen as the head of the alliance, and Pagong will have a majority vote when it comes down to who gets the money, I think whoever goes up against Rich will get the money. Maybe it will be Rudy.

I think the final two will be Rudy and Richard, but you are right, the judges will never give Richard the money due to the past stuff, so I would work to keep him on as well.