Survivor Vanuatu cast is revealed

My opinion? Too many models. The only grownups appear to be Chad, Twila and Rory.

Two lesbians and a pro-wrestler-turned-WalMart-rent-a-cop. Oh, and a Jesus-freak shepherdess.

Should be an interesting season.

… and a guy with a prosthetic leg… lotta military or military brats…

Wow! Survivor history is now set… Scout Lee lists as one of her hobbies “building indigenous lodges”… they’ve got somebody who knows how to build a shelter going into the game! If she can actually start a fire, they’re just going to have to give her a sainthood.

Pretty, pretty people, though. That’s what I watch it for. Yay.

Ruh-roh. One of the women’s from my wife’s home town, so she’s going to be a total fruitcake. Should be interesting.

Huh? What about Lea, Leann, Lisa, and Scout? They’re all at least as old as Chad and Rory (35). Scout’s 59.

Hmm… no Texans this time. There’s often a couple of us per season.

Guess I’ll just have to root for the cutest girl. Hellooooo, Dolly!

(wait! make that Eliza–no Julie–I mean Leann!)

I accidentally left Scout off the list. She looks both really cool and an early candidate to get voted off early because of her age and gender.

Leann was a model for fifteen years. That doesn’t sound like a grown up occupation to me.

There’s 18 of them this time, rather than 16. Anyone know why?
I can’t wait!

They had 18 survivors for the All-Stars cast - maybe they liked how it played out with three tribes at the start and decided to use that method again.

After reading the bios, I think it’s a great mix of people.

I wonder if Scout knows how to build an underground house on the beach that scares the judge?

Nah, only Rupert knows how to dig a hole in the sand! Because he’s been building houses for 20 years! :rolleyes:

18 survivors. Either 2 teams of nine or three teams of 6. They’ve been having fun with three teams the past couple seasons, so I’m guessing teams of 6.

Actually, it was only last time (All-Stars) that they had three teams of six. Every other time they’ve had just two teams of eight.
I’m guessing two teams of nine.

In Pearl Islands, the first six people voted off got to form their own tribe and challenge for the right to have two members brought back into the game. They were only there for one challenge, but they kicked butt.

I’m going to be watching to see whether they edit Rory into being either lazy or devious. And yes, I have a chip on my shoulder about this.

I’d be more concerned about them making him look like a black Rupert…

but this…


I have no insider information, but I did notice something from the CBS site. So I’ll put it in a spoiler box

[spoiler]it appears as it’s men versus women. In the bios it shows all of the women with light color buffs, and men with darker ones.

So I’m going with the two team theory, with men versus women.[/spoiler]


If you look at all the individual pictures, they’re cut from group pictures. The women are all obviously from one picture and they’ve got their arms around each other’s backs; the guys are all doing the macho not-touching thing…

It’s basically impossible to tell what the season will be like from the cast bios, but I have to admit that it looks like a good mix of people, apart from the usual overabundance of people who list their occupation as “model” or “bartender.” One month 'til showtime!

My money is on Ethrilist’s theory. We’ll see if that’s how it really plays out.

Obviously way too early to tell or predict anything, but this Lea seems like a tough customer. If I had to pick one out of a hat to go all the way, this is the one I’d go with.