Newest Survivor Vanuatu cast bios are up!

The new list of Survivors is up…see here for details.

So far, we have:

  • Ami, the lesbian model.
  • Brady, the FBI agent.
  • Brook, the project manager who has the most boring bio ever.
  • Chad, the amputee.
  • Chris, the highway construction guy.
  • Dolly, the shepherdess Jesus freak.
  • Eliza, another boring bio on the pre-law student
  • John K., the mechanical bull operator. WTF?
  • John P., the sales manager and former football player/frat boy. Whee.
  • Julie, the youth mentor. Capitalizing on the Rupert effect, maybe?
  • Lea, the drill sergeant…because we know that bossy people do so well on Survivor.
  • Leann, research assistant, model, kidney donor! I’m sure we’ll be seeing many, many shots of her sexy scar.
  • Lisa, former prom queen and fundamentalist whacko.
  • Mia, whose notable accomplishment seems to be that she couldn’t think of a single interesting thing to put in her bio.
  • Rory, the token black guy. Is Survivor abandoning their attempts at racial diversity?
  • Scout, this year’s old lady, coming in at age 59.
  • Travis, nicknamed Bubba, a former pro wrestler turned loss prevention associate at Wal-Mart. I have no words.
  • Twila, apparently this year’s Sue. I predict either this chick or the drill sergeant will be first to go.

So, what do you guys think? Any early thoughts? Premiere is set for September 16th.

Hell of a job coding, but lavenderlemon beat you by a full week:


Traditionally, the first people voted off are the ones that are too freaking incompetent to live. The most irritating people tend to be fairly competent, so they last a few days.

Next in line is usually the irritating people.

Then the ones who are physical threats in the challenges.

Then the ones who are playing the game too damn well. Or obviously.

First open lesbian Survivor. A great day for America!

My pick for First One Off is Scout; the first-to-go is usually someone middle-aged. Is it true that it’s male vs female again?

Actually, it’s the first two openly lesbian survivors.

Dolly, Julie and John K. look to be pretty much dead weight as far as useful skills are concerned. Depending on what the first few challenges are, they could easily get voted off. Eliza, Lea and Travis look like they’ll be irritating as hell to live with.

Huh. Something funny…

Previously in Survivor, Rob & Amber notwithstanding, one of the main reason romance didn’t flourish is that after a few days without modern niceties like, say, soap, everybody smelled so bad they could barely stand next to each other. But, hey, it was for a million dollars…

Looking at the site today, I couldn’t help but notice that one of their main sponsors is… Old Spice. :dubious:

Obviously I get bored in the off season. It’s not like I’m desperate or anything.

So I was looking at the site again and noticed that they have interviews with the castaways, varying from 30 seconds (pathetic) to a minute or so. Some obvious character differences begin to emerge, and there’s something in one of them that’s kind of spoilerish, so here goes…

Chad, once he gets past being really farking dull, mentions that he read up as much as he could on Vanuatu. The heck? This is the first I’ve heard that the castaways knew where they were going before they got there. If that’s the case, and they all knew about it, there is absolutely no excuse for them not to know what food to forage for, what weather to prepare for, and other geographically-important stuff. I am positively giddy with anticipation.

Of a non-spoilerish nature, was it just my weird internet connection or did they blur out parts of Brook’s face?

I’m pretty sure they’ve always known what their location is. Additionally, they’re given “survival books” on the local flora and fauna, dangers of the area, typical weather patterns, etc.

It’s just you. Looked fine to me.

Then why did Robbbb bring a skateboard to his island, huh? Oh, wait…he was dumber 'n a bag of hammers.

well, nobody told me… mutter grumble…

And bags of hammers everywhere are insulted by that comparison. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have friends who have class with Eliza. I’ll let you know if we see her driving around in a fancy car, but then again, that could be anyone around here. :rolleyes: Still, gotta root for the home team.

“In 2002, Sampson attended Walter State Police Academy, where he received a certificate of basic law enforcement in officer education. … Sampson currently works in loss prevention at Wal-Mart…”

I’ll admit I don’t know much about either of these fields of employment, but that’s not good, right? My assumption would be that someone who trained in a police academy would want to be a police officer, and that prowling the aisles in a WalMart is not that different from being one of the guys in rakish straw hats guarding the mall. My unwarranted assumption would be that he screwed up somehow, especially in light of the fact that “he describes himself as aggressive, persistent and outspoken and enjoys critiquing other people’s flaws. . .” If WalMart has created their own highly skilled paramilitary force, and this is a really plum job, please disregard.

That having been said, this guy and the lesbians are going to be plenty entertaining. I’m sure the FBI guy is going to have a few things to say, too.

Jadis did a better job than I did! :slight_smile: