Sven's English Premiership XI: Think you can do better? I do.

In a recent newspaper article Sven Goren Eriksson was asked to pick a premiership XI of non-English players to take on England in a hypothetical match. This is his team. His explanations of his picks can be found at:

He has chosen to play 4-4-2 as all his sides usually do.

I agree with some of his picks but would change a few.

Svens XI:


Finnan Hypia Gallas Sylvestre
Pires Viera Veron Giggs
Henry Van Nistleroy


I don’t think that Barthez is any use at all. I think he’s a huge liability to Manchester United. He’s too small, unreliable and gives his defence kittens. I would chose between Cudacini and Friedel. I think these are the best two keepers in the league. It’s close, but I think Cudacini just edges it.

Right Back.

I’d give this to Stephen Carr, as indeed do the Irish team. He also brings an attacking dimension to the team that Finnan lacks. He’s not had the greatest season, but he is a class act.

Centre back/half:

Hypia picks himself – possibly the best CB in the world. Not sure about Galas, but cant really fault him.

Left Back:

I agree with Sven


Viera and Pires would be in a world XI to play Mars so no argument there. However; Veron? Crikey. I know SGE had him at Lazio but he’s been an absolute disaster in the premiership and hardly covered himself in glory in being a part of surely the best team ever to get eliminated from the first round of the World Cup (losing me £50 in the process – I backed them to win the whole thing). He is the Rodney Marsh de nos jours, in that he has destabilised a championship winning side. So bye bye Seba, and hello his team mate – Roy Keane. Now that is a midfield that I would pay to see.


No argument here over these.
How would they do against my England side?


Mills Ferdinand Scumball Bridge

Beckham Gerrard Butt Dyer

	Owen 			Rooney

A Cole

Manager: D Moyes.

I think the England side would be over run in midfield, and would lose.
Your picks? Any omissions alterations?

For goalkeeper, I’d say it ought to be between Cudicini, Friedel and Niemi. Antti Niemi is an awesome keeper.

Do you think Roy Keane will get back to his best after his latest injury? I think it’s a doubt.

I completely agree with you about Viera and Pires being obvious picks for a world XI, by the way.

On current form:

Non-English XI: Niemi / Finnan, Hyypia, Gallas, Silvestre / Duff, Vieira, Geremi, Kewell / van Nistelrooy, Henry

Subs: Cudicini, Giggs, Pires, Zola, Radzinski (can’t think of another)

English XI: Robinson / Mills (maybe), Woodgate, Campbell, Bridge / Beckham, Gerrard, Jenas, A Cole / Beattie, Rooney

Subs: Ferdinand, Terry, Dyer, Murphy, Butt, Owen

beattie before Owen? Owen is a proven international scorer, bBeattie looked overwhelmed ( abit unfair I know on one half of a meaningless game).

That’s why I said “on current form”. Owen is short on pace and too easily marginalised in games. Beattie may be a less naturally talented player but he imposes himself on games far more than Owen is currently doing.